The bLogical SFTP adapter has been around for a while now, since 2008 to be exact. It has been one of the most popular BizTalk related downloads on Codeplex, and even though BizTalk 2013 is now shipped with an SFTP adapter people still use it since it quite rich on features such as proxy support and more granular scheduling capabilities.

There has been lots of feedback, most of which I believe I’ve implemented or fixed over the years. However there was one issue I never got around to fix; – the receive location 'freeze' issue.

Luckily Greg Shap from New Zealand came along, fixed the issue and uploaded a patch on Codeplex. I’ve since added Greg to the project and he’s fixed the issues along with an impressive list of other fixes and changes:

  • Ensure thread-safe write access to SftpHostFiles.config
  • Resolve a receive location 'freeze' issue where files would stop being picked up until restarting the host instance
  • Resolve a zero length file creation issue
  • Correct a partial file read issue when consuming large files
  • Add X.509 identity certificate support
  • Add TransmitLocation context property schema items to fully support all static send port behaviours on dynamic send port

Download it from Codeplex

I want to take this opportunity to thank Greg for his work, and also apologise for not getting this post up earlier

Greg started working in IT about 20 years ago in Auckland, New Zealand as a junior developer.  Eventually, he gained customer exposure doing on site system installations and upgrades. Having newly acquired soft skills, platform and development experience the next natural career move seemed to be system integration. This is the role he has filled for the past 15 or so years in varying capacities. 5 years ago he crossed the ditch with his wife to Sydney, Australia and now specialise in BizTalk development and implementation.


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