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The purpose of this post is to talk about a side-project that I have going on with Saravana Kumar and BizTalk360. The purpose of #MiddlewareFriday is to create a video blog of new and interesting developments going on in the industry.  Each week we will publish a short video that has some new content.  The content may feature news, demos and will also highlight other activities going on in the community.  From time to time we will also bring on some guests to keep the content fresh and get some different perspectives.

For both Saravana and myself there is no direct commercial incentive in doing the show.  It really comes down to participating in a community, learning by doing, improving communication skills and having some fun along the way.

I am going to keep this post updated to keep a running list of the shows – in part to aid in search engine discovery.

1Protecting Azure Logic Apps with Azure API ManagementJanuary 6, 2017Azure API Management, Logic Apps, ServiceNow, API Apps

Azure Logic Apps and Service Bus Peek-Lock

January 13, 2017Logic Apps, Service Bus, Patterns

Logic Apps and Cognitive Services Face API – Part 1

January 20, 2017Logic Apps, Cognitive Service, Face API, Steef-Jan Wiggers
4Microsoft PowerApps and Cognitive Services Face API -Part 2January 27, 2017PowerApps, Cognitive Services, Face API
5Serverless Integration with Steef-Jan WiggersFebruary 3rd, 2017Logic Apps, Sentiment Analysis, Slack, Azure Functions, Steef-Jan Wiggers
6Azure Logic Apps and Power BI Real Time Data SetsFebruary, 10, 2017Logic Apps, Power BI connector, Sandro’s Integration stencils, Quicklearn, Global Integration Bootcamp
7Azure Monitoring, Azure Logic Apps and Creating ServiceNow IncidentsFebruary 17, 2017Logic Apps, Azure Monitoring, API Apps, ServiceNow, Glen Colpaert SAP, Webhook Notification BizTalk360
8Exploring ServiceBus360 MonitoringFebruary 24, 2017Service Bus, BizTalk360, Community Content: Team Flow + Luis, Exception handling for Logic App Web Services Toon Vanhoutte
9Coming Soon – SAP and Logic AppsMarch 3rd, 2017TBD