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  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Got a Great BizTalk Tip or Trick and You Could Win Richard Seroter’s SOA Patterns Book

    Thanks to Packt Publishing, I am pleased to offer you the opportunity to win a copy of Richard Seroter’s book SOA Patterns with BizTalk Server 2009 – a $60 value.  I will even cover the shipping costs, via book mail, to any place in the world the US Postal Service will deliver to.  Here is what you need to do in order to win: Simply let us know of a great BizTalk Tip or Trick using BizTalk 2006, BizTalk 2006 R2, or BizTalk 2009.  Tell us a little about it and why it is useful. ...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    What is Missing in BizTalk 2010? Best Idea Wins a Signed Copy of Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform

    I have another copy of my book “Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform” to give away. The book is a $60 value and I will cover the shipping costs to the winner any place in the world as long as the US Postal Service ships there. Contest #2 – What is missing in BizTalk Server 2010? What feature, concept, UI update, or tooling would make BizTalk a stronger, more robust, simpler, or easier product to work with? As a special bonus, I was able to get the book signed...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Know A Good BizTalk Blog? Win A Copy of Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns

    For those of you who do not know, one of the features of is the aggregate blog feed .  This feed goes back over 8 years and has over 8,000 posts.  Since I started the BizTalk feed, I have expanded the aggregate feeds to include App Fabric and Windows Workflow. About once a year, I review Google to see if I am missing any BizTalk Blogs that should be included in the aggregate feed.  It is that time of year again but this time I would like some help. In doing so, I’ll...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns Book Give Away

    It is amazing how time flies!  It seems like just yesterday my book on Applied Architecture Patterns hit the shelves, but that was almost a year and a half ago now. A few months ago, a new BizTalk patterns book written by fellow BizTalk MVP Dan Rosanova has been released.  It is called Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 Patterns published by Packet Publishing.  What separates this book from other BizTalk books is it covers both BizTalk Basics & Patterns and a detailed overview of a...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Windows Azure Virtual Hard Disk (blob storage) Cross Account Copy, Lease Break, and Management Tool

    Recently the Windows Azure Storage API’s were updated to include the ability to do cross account, asynchronous blob transfers. This means it was no longer necessary to download the blob in order to upload it to a different Windows Azure account. You can read all about this here . Over the past few weeks I have been working with the Windows Azure Virtual Machine feature that is currently in preview mode. I talked in a past blog post and video about using the Gallery to create a BizTalk 2010...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalk vs Dublin - Do Not Get Confused

    I was reading an interesting blog post today called Will Dublin Replace BizTalk? It got me thinking more about this and I wrote up the response below. I would love to hear other peoples comments and thoughts on this. I see a clear separation on when you would use BizTalk vs when you would use Dublin. I see a great story going forward with both technologies working together. I welcome comments and feedback on this. Comment on "Will Dublin Replace BizTalk?" blog post: "I like your article...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Using XPath Inside BizTalk Orchestrations

    Working with XPath inside Orchestrations is a powerful and simple feature of BizTalk 2004. The help guide does a good job describing the process (under Using XPath in Message Assignment). I have found that the XPath queries can only be done against a Message and the results can be set to a Message, XML Document or other orchestration variables. XPath queries can also be executed against untyped messages. That is, a Message that is of type System.Xml.XmlDocument. CRITICAL: BizTalk xpath can be used...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalk Host Creation and Adapter Assignment Tool Available for Download

    What is one of the biggest problems with having to set up BizTalk in a new Environment? Creating all the Hosts, Host Instances, and assigning the Adapters to these new hosts. This process has been made much simpler with the help of the BizTalk Host Setup Tool. This tool is fed by a configuration file to set up the Hosts, install Host Instances, and assign Adapters to those Hosts. This tool also has the ability to prompt for a user password and reset all the Adapters back to the default Host (this...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalk and AppFabric Caching: Problem or Problem Solver?

    In the recent edition of The BizTalker Newsletter I featured the below article.  Read the article below or join the newsletter to have it delivered to your email.  I welcome and comments. feedback, or thoughts on this subject. Server AppFabric contains two core pieces – Hosting and Caching. Today, I’m going to focus on the Caching piece of AppFabric. AppFabric Caching is a new offering from Microsoft as part of the Server AppFabric collection of technologies for the Application Server role...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Working with the BizTalk WCF Adapter on Windows XP

    WCF support through the different WCF Adapters provided in BizTalk R2 is a powerful new feature. With the announcement of Oslo, working with the WCF Adapters now is even more critical to a BizTalk Developer. If you are like me, you do a majority of your BizTalk work on a Windows XP computer or laptop. This can cause some problems when working with the WCF Adapters. Lets take a look at what needs to be done in order to work with WCF and BizTalk on Windows XP. First, lets look at the core issue - lack...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    How to Split Received Email Attachments in BizTalk 2006

    This was a question (paraphrased) on the Forum: “How can I take email attachments and put them as is into a folder?” When using the POP3 Receive Adapter, you have the ability to receive multiple items as attachments and the adapter will handle them using MIME processing. You do not need a custom pipeline. When receiving a multi-attachment message, you have the ability to define one of the parts as the main message Body. If you leave the default (0), the email message...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Direct Binding Sample for BizTalk 2004

    Direct binding in Biztalk Server 2004 can be used to send messages from one Orchestration to another. It can also be used to send messages directly into the message box, but that is not the focus of this post. Direct binding is easily misunderstood, specifically Partner Port binding since can be somewhat confusing to set up. I will walk through the 4 simple steps to set up direct binding using partner ports. It is important to note direct binding still uses the publish and subscribe system in Biztalk...
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