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This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.
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  • Blog Post: Running both Windows 7 and Windows 8 in a MacBook Pro

    Last month I updated my main laptop MacBook Pro to Windows 8 and I’ve written about the experience here "Installing Windows 8 on MacBook Pro experience".  There are no noticeable issues and I’m quite pleased with it. Even though technically all of the applications that run in...
  • Blog Post: Installing Windows 8 using USB

    When you buy a netbook it’s most likely there won’t be DVD drive. So it’s getting more important to have the ability to install a OS from a USB device. In the past it’s was a real pain to get the USB drive bootable, you need to fiddle around with Diskpart utility and follow the...
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