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This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.
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  • Blog Post: 2015 in Review: Reading and Writing Highlights

    I had a fun year in 2015. I took on some new responsibilities at work, moved my family up to Washington State, spoke at a few conferences, received another Microsoft MVP award, took on a “lead editor” role at,... Read More › Blog Post by: Richard Seroter
  • Blog Post: 2015 Recap

    It’s easy to forget how far you have come, things you have achieved and lessons you have learned until you allocate some time and look back at where it all began. To some extent I was feeling a bit lazy to write this post, since the content of this article may not be a great [...] The post 2015 Recap...
  • Blog Post: 6 Reasons Why Working at the Office Is Much Better Than Working Remote

    Conventional wisdom says that remote work is awesome and we should pity the poor slobs who drag themselves to an office every day. However, I’ve now switched from remote work to office work, and couldn’t be happier about it. I’ve... Read More › Blog Post by: Richard Seroter
  • Blog Post: 2014 in Review: Reading and Writing Highlights

    I enjoyed 2014 and spent much of the year learning new things and building up an exceptional Product team at CenturyLink. Additionally, I spoke at events in Seattle, London, Houston, Ghent, Utrecht, and Oslo, delivered Pluralsight courses about Personal Productivity... Read More › Blog Post by...
  • Blog Post: Using SubVersion Revision Numbers in Build Versions

    Having used Team Foundation Systems (TFS) for many years I grew accustom to having an automated build process and the ability to have the Revision number in my binary file versions. Recently I began work for a client that used SubVersion as their source control system. This removed much of the niceties...
  • Blog Post: Introducing the T-Connect EDI File Splitter

    A common trend that we have been seeing recently is the similarities in the pain points that companies are often faced with. One of those such pain points is the difficulty in quickly receiving and processing large EDI files having a file size over 10 MB. In one instance, there was a need to receive...
  • Blog Post: SQL Server Query to Find Column from all the Tables of Database

    SQL Server Query to Find Column from all the Tables of Database: SELECT AS table_name, SCHEMA_NAME(schema_id) AS schema_name, AS column_name FROM sys.tables AS t INNER JOIN sys.columns c...
  • Blog Post: Our response to MuleSoft blog "10 Reasons to Walk from BizTalk"

    Last week Aaron Landgraf from MuleSoft published a lengthy blog article “10 Reasons to Walk from BizTalk” trying to showcase MuleSoft is better than BizTalk. I felt some of the facts are completely wrong, misleading and one sided. I always welcome competition, healthy competition is good...
  • Blog Post: BizTalk: Applying Custom XPath to Promoted Property results in ‘XPath in wrong format’

    Well not a bad one to track down and basically from reverse engineering the Microsoft.BizTalk.Pipeline.Comonents.dll your xpath expressions need to be in the a 'certain format' even though the traditional Xpath tools work beautifully. I was dealing with some HL7 messages so my call stack maybe...
  • Blog Post: What’s New in BizTalk Server 2013 R2?

    Support for: • Windows Server 2012 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.1, Windows 7 SP1. • Microsoft Office Excel 2013 or 2010. • .NET Framework 4.5 and .NET Framework 4.5.1 • Visual Studio 2013 • SQL Server 2014 or SQL Server 2012 SP1 • SharePoint 2013 SP1 • WCF-WebHttp adapter now supports sending and...
  • Blog Post: Azure: Outbound throttling of VMs

    When we create certain sized VMs, the NICs associated with them are throttled for Outbound traffic. Here’s some numbers that were originally published from a little while ago (may have changed since, but these give you a guide): Specifications Extra Small Small Medium Large Extra Large CPU 1.0 GHz 1...
  • Blog Post: Azure: New Look Portal

    Looks pretty snazzy :) Blog Post by: Mick Badran
  • Blog Post: Code Camp Session: Building Hybrid Solutions with Microsoft Azure

    Great day was had by all and after some issues with ‘guest wifi’ at the start of my presentation we were off. Top questions and a good vibe filled the room. As promised – here’s my slides I used and see you this Saturday at the Global Windows Azure Bootcamp – Sydney (Worldwide event) DEMOS - here Have...
  • Blog Post: Web.Config Transforms Per Build

    Since the introduction of .Net 4.0, Visual Studio 2012 has supported Web.Config transforms. That is you can publish a Web.Config file per solution configuration in Visual Studio. This is great if you are attempting to deploy to different environments that would require different settings such as Connection...
  • Blog Post: GWAB 2014: Global Windows Azure Bootcamp #GWAB – Coming to Sydney

    Folks we’re finally here! The stage is set and light the lights as it’s all ready to go oooorrrrffff on March 29th 2014! What is it – it’s back!!!! The Global Windows Azure Bootcamp – over 134 locations will be delivering this world wide event at the same time (same relative time). In April of 2013 we...
  • Blog Post: Richard’s Top 10 Rules for Meeting Organizers

    Meetings are a necessary evil. Sometimes, you simply have to get a bunch of people together at one time in order to resolve a problem or share information. While Tier 3 was a very collaborative environment where there were very few meetings and information flowed freely, our new parent company (CenturyLink...
  • Blog Post: BizTalk Interesting Links
  • Blog Post: BizTalk Schema Versioning – Links http://btsguru.blogspot...
  • Blog Post: BizTalk Processing Suspended Messages – Links—administration-and-operations—resubmitting-messages.aspx
  • Blog Post: BizTalk Logging – Links
  • Blog Post: BizTalk Exception Handling – Links
  • Blog Post: BizTalk Persistance Points – Links
  • Blog Post: New Blog – Interview Questions – Help URLs

    Created a new blog which will act as the Journal Board, so that I can collect all interesting articles on Technology Paradigm. Plan to add lot of Interview questions for references. Blog Post by: vijaymstech
  • Blog Post: BizTalk 2013 Adapter List – MS TechNet Wiki Article

    BizTalk 2013 Adapter List – MS TechNet Wiki Article Blog Post by: vijaymstech
  • Blog Post: Useful Links – SQL, .Net, WCF

    Useful Links – SQL, .Net, WCF:   Books: SQL Server 2012 Tutorials – Analysis...
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