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December, 2013

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    An error occurred while receiving the HTTP response to http://…….svc. This could be due to the service endpoint binding not using the HTTP protocol. This could also be due to an HTTP request context being aborted by the server (possibly due to the serv

    My solution is to have a wcf service which can accept a pdf/text file streamed as byte array in one of the elements. I had a BizTalk orchestration exposed as a wcf service. The schema has a content element which is set as xs:base64binary. So the wcf service expects the service consumer to convert the […] Blog Post by: shankarsbiztalk
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    2013 Recap

    Dear friends of BizTalk360! It’s the last day of 2013. I blocked few hours in my calendar particularly to write this blog post. I guess it’s important to take a look at what we have done in 2013. You can see previous recaps here 2012, 2011. If I look back it kind of surprise me, [...] The post 2013 Recap appeared first on BizTalk360 Blog . Blog Post by: Saravana Kumar
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    IClassifier and IDisposable

    I’ve been troubleshooting some issues with Viasfora and noticed something that I definitely was not expecting: It appears that if you implement an IClassifier extension, and also implement IDisposable, it will not be called by Visual Studio once the text buffer is released. I have noticed this on Visual Studio 2013, but so far, I […] Blog Post by: Tomas Restrepo
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    Favorite Books and Blog Posts of 2013

    The year is nearly up, and it’s been a good one. 30+ posts on the blog, job changes, 4 new Pluralsight courses, twice-monthly contributions, graduation with a Masters Degree in Engineering, and speaking engagements around the world (Amsterdam, Gothenburg, New Orleans, San Francisco, London, and Chicago). Here’s a quick recap of my favorite blogs […] Blog Post by: Richard Seroter
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    Using the WSS Adapter Provider from the ESB Toolkit Extensions in BizTalk 2013

    By default the Microsoft BizTalk ESB Toolkit does not provide the functionality to send a message to Windows SharePoint Services. Luckily you do not have to create a custom Adapter Provider for this but is there already one available in the ESB Toolkit Extensions Library. The WSS Adapter Provider provides the functionality to promote various Windows SharePoint Services Adapter property values. Installation Prerequisites To use the WSS Adapter Provider in an Itinerary, you must install the ESB Toolkit...
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    Sentinet – Service Virtualization Part 2

    In my previous post I introduced the follow up of Microsoft Services Engine, Sentinet from Nevatech. I discussed the deployment of Sentinet on a single machine, which I am going to use for further exploration of this product. In this post I like to share the user experience and management side of Sentinet. To discuss the user experience and management of Sentinet I am going to do a walk-through
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    BizTalk Mapper Patterns: Automatically Link The Record Elements By Structure, Name or Using Mass Copy

    Exchanging or routing messages between existing applications, systems or external partners is one of the many common scenarios in Enterprise integration solutions. And sometimes they are build base on the same data model, however because they are built in different systems and teams they can have slight small differences like: the order of the elements, […] Blog Post by: Sandro Pereira
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    BizTalk and WCF, Consuming a WCF Service, Part 4 – Exception Handling

    This is the last post in a four part series looking at BizTalk and WCF. Here are the previous three posts: Part 1 - A Look at the Service to be Consumed Part 2 – The BizTalk WCF Service Consuming Wizard and a Look at the Artefacts Created Part 3 – Building the BizTalk Solution In this final post, […] Blog Post by: James Corbould
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    サポート終了後の Windows XP、マルウェア対策ソフトが動いていれば安心?

    よく、「サポート終了後の製品でも、マルウェア対策ソフトを実行していれば大丈夫?」とのご質問を受けます。答えは No なのですが、今日はマルウェア対策ソフトだけでは不十分である理由をお話します。 リアルタイム保護が有効なマルウェア対策ソフトを実行していても、マ ルウェアには感染する マイクロソフトの調べでは、リアルタイム保護が有効なマルウェア対策ソフトを実行しているシステム (下図 1 の Protected) でもマルウェアに感染することが示されています。昨今の攻撃においては、有名なマルウェア対策ソフトで検知されないことを確認してからマルウェアを配布したり標的型攻撃を行うケースや、一度端末に侵入するとマルウェア対策ソフトを OFF にしたりパターンファイルの更新を妨害するマルウェアもあります。標的型攻撃が増える中、セキュリティ ベンダーが新型マルウェアを先行入手できない結果、最新のパターンファイルに更新しても最新のマルウェアを捕まえられない状況も起きています。 図1: リアルタイム保護が有効・無効な場合のマルウェア感染率 (オペレーティング システム(OS)/Service Pack ...
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    How Do BizTalk Services Work? I Asked the Product Team to Find Out

    Windows Azure BizTalk Services was recently released by Microsoft, and you can find a fair bit about this cloud service online. I wrote up a simple walkthrough, Sam Vanhoutte did a nice comparison of features between BizTalk Server and BizTalk Services, the Neudesic folks have an extensive series of blog posts about it, and the […] Blog Post by: Richard Seroter
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    Viasfora v1.2 Released

    Viasfora version 1.2 has been released! Most of the work on this released went into significantly improving the performance of the extension, particularly around Rainbow Parentheses and the Keyword Classifier. One of the issues that I ran into was that when both features were enabled, they could interact in ways that would easily kill performance, […] Blog Post by: Tomas Restrepo
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    Merry Christmas and a Happy 2014

    As has become usual in this time of the year, is like a tradition now, I will sincere like to wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all of my family, friends, Microsoft BizTalk Community, Microsoft BizTalk Server Product Group and special for all my readers. I sincerely wish everyone a […] Blog Post by: Sandro Pereira
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    Year 2013 in retrospective

    Close to Christmas and the end of the year 2013. It has been quite a year from me. Lots of travelling to the United-States (Seattle, Portland, Bellevue, Renton, Detroit), Canada (Toronto, Trenton, London, Windsor, Brighton), United-Kingdom (London, Orpington), Norway (Bergen, Stavanger, Oslo), Germany (Berlin), France (Paris, Beziers, Narbonne), Spain (Pyrenees), Italy (Milan, Piacenza,
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    休暇中に被害に遭わないために ~お休み前のセキュリティ チェック

    今年の年末年始は大型休暇になる方もいらっしゃるのではないでしょうか。 特に一斉休暇となりオフィスからひとけがなくなることからも、セキュリティに気を付ける必要があります。「休み中に自分のPCがウイルス感染して、踏み台に利用され会社の情報が漏えいしてしまった・・・」なんて事になりたくありませんよね。そのためには、休暇の前に、自分の使っているPC環境をぜひ確認しておきましょう。 休暇前のセキュリティ チェック ポイント ソフトウェアを最新の状態にする ウイルスなどに代表される悪意のあるソフトウェア(マルウェア)は、製品の脆弱性を悪用します。このような悪用を防ぐために、Windows などのOSに加え、Microsoft Office製品、Adobe Reader, Adobe Flash Player, Oracle Javaなどアプリケーション等も、セキュリティ更新プログラムを適用し最新の状態にしておきましょう。PC にインストールされているソフトウェア製品のバージョンが最新であるか、については、 独立行政法人 情報処理推進機構 (IPA) が公開している便利なツール「 MyJVN バージョンチェッカ...
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    MSVCP100.dll Missing When Installing BizTalk Server 2013

    A quick post today. While installing Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013 today on a fresh Windows Server I received the following error during the Enterprise Single Sign-On Server installation step: “The program can’t start because MSVCP100.dll is missing from your computer. Try reinstalling the program to fix the problem.” Also: “The following platform components failed to install and will [...] Blog Post by: Kevin Morillo
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    2013 年マイクロソフトのセキュリティ情報まとめ

    皆さん、こんにちは!関東地方では、雪が降るとの予報がでていますが、今日はとても寒いです。仕事も私生活もイベントが多く何かと忙しい時期でもありますので、体調管理には十分ご注意くださいね。さて、今回は、今年最後の月例セキュリティ情報の公開が終わりましたので、簡単ではありますが振り返りをしたいと思います。 概要 2013 年は、全 106 件のセキュリティ情報 (MS13-001 〜 MS13-106) を公開しました。なお、これらの 106 件のセキュリティ情報で 336 件の一意の脆弱性 (CVE) の対処を行いました。また、定例外 のリリースとして、MS13-008 (Internet Explorer) を 1 月に公開しました。 2012 年は 83 件のセキュリティ情報を公開していることから、比較するとセキュリティ情報の公開数が著しく増加しているように見えますが、2011 年は 100 件、2010 年は 106 件だったことから、増加というより平均的な公開数に戻ったと考えられます。 月の傾向 セキュリティ情報は毎月 1 回、 第 2 火曜日 (米国日付) に公開 されます。これは...
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    attend our 1-day pre-conference WORKSHOP at the alm forum in April 2014

    QuickLearn’s lead ALM instructor and curriculum author, Anthony Borton, will be presenting a one day hands-on pre-conference workshop at the ALM Forum in Seattle in April 2014. The ALM Forum (previously ALM Summit) is a three day event focusing on all things ALM. There is an awesome cast of speakers lined up for this year […] Blog Post by: Anthony Borton (TFS Instructor)
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    BizTalk Community Series: The Final an interview with Richard Seroter

    The BizTalk Community is a fantastic bunch of professionals. During last two years I had the opportunity to meet many of them in person and conduct interviews with them. I interviewed close to 30 BizTalk professionals around the world. End of 2011 I had an idea based on the four interview series from Richard Seroter to do a similar thing focusing solely on the BizTalk Community itself. I asked
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    Difference in mapping between BizTalk 2010 and 2013

    Difference in mapping 2010 versus 2013 Artifacts description In a BizTalk 2010 project we have a function that passes the current XmlNode as an XpathNodeIterator to a helper component. In BizTalk 2010 the map look like this: Note that we are using custom...( read more ) Blog Post by: Patrick Wellink
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    Summary of my contributions on MSDN Code Gallery and TechNet Gallery in the last half of 2013

    We are getting close to the end of another year and this is the right time to do a personal end-of-year review and make some work/life balance. To do some of your own personal planning for the year ahead. What personal goals do you want to achieve over the next 12 months? But also to […] Blog Post by: Sandro Pereira
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