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October, 2013

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    PigPen is an Eclipse based IDE for Pig Latin.  Installation process: Install JRE 64 bit runtime environment Install Eclipse IDE for Java Developers from Download PigPen from link at and drop into plugins folder Find a hadoop-site.xml, and copy it to C:\Hadoop\pig-0.9.3-SNAPSHOT\conf.  Use that as the ConfigurationPath Obviously, this fails to work completely with some opaque null.pointer issues.  [...] Blog Post by...
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    Pig Latin in Visual Studio

    Pig Latin is the scripting language that Pig uses to make HDFS queries.  I have been using Visual Studio 2013 as a Pig Latin IDE.  In theory, it should be possible to build a language pack for Visual Studio to allow it edit Pig Pen files with syntax highlighting and autocomplete.  But it doesn’t appear [...] Blog Post by: rdeary
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    First Post

    Hello there. This blog will be exploring Big Data, data architecture, and my attempts to get up to speed on the some of the latest technology. I will be using this as my person notes on building a big data architecture, but hopefully at least some of the posts will be interesting to the occasional reader. This [...] Blog Post by: rdeary
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    Windows XP を 2014 年 4 月のサポート終了後も使い続けることのリスク

    本記事は、 Microsoft Security のブログ “ The Risk of Running Windows XP After Support Ends April 2014 ” (2013 年 8 月 15 日公開 ) を翻訳した記事です。 今年の 4 月、私は Windows XP のサポート終了に関する 「カウントダウン開始: Windows XP のサポートは 2014 年 4 月 8 日に終了」 というタイトルのブログを投稿しました。それ以来、話す機会のあった多くのお客様が、所属組織で Windows XP から Windows 7 や Windows 8 などの最新オペレーティング システムへの移行を完了したか、または現在移行作業を進めています。 実際のところ、事態は切迫しています。というのも、2014 年 4 月 8 日以降、Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) ユーザーには、新しいセキュリティ更新プログラム、セキュリティ以外の修正プログラム、無償/有償の支援サポート オプション、オンライン技術コンテンツの更新は提供されなくなるからです...
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    Issue with the add parameters in Call Rule Shape

    This article is to trouble shoot the issue with the add parameters in call rules shape, writing this so that I can go back to this post for resolution. 1- Create Rule as per below using XSD in BizTalk Server BRE composer 2- Deploy the rule and restart the Rules Engine. 3- Go back to […] Blog Post by: shadabanwer
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    Creating Azure VM's with the REST API

    There are many ways to create virtual machines in Azure. Of course the Azure Portal is the easiest but it is completely manual. When you have a lot of virtual machines that are part of your solution then you definitely want to script that process. When you script your Azure deployment you can do it with PowerShell or directly against the REST API. There are many examples on the web that provide PowerShell examples. However, I have not found a lot of material around the REST API. So if you are trying...
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    BizTalk and WCF, Consuming a WCF Service, Part 3 – Building the BizTalk Solution

    This post builds on part 1 and part 2 of this series looking at BizTalk and WCF. The first post looked at the RandomPresent WCF service and looked at design considerations, hosting and testing. The second post touched on how to consume the WCF service from BizTalk, using the BizTalk WCF Service Consuming Wizard. Process Flow The […] Blog Post by: James Corbould
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    新セキュリティ インテリジェンス レポート、新データ、新たな視点

    本記事は、Microsoft Malware Protection Center のブログ “ New Security Intelligence Report, new data, new perspectives ” (2013 年 10 月 29 日公開) を翻訳した記事です。 本日、マイクロソフトは マイクロソフト セキュリティ インテリジェンス レポート (SIRv15) (英語版) の第 15 版を公開しました。このレポートは、世界中の莫大な数のシステム、および幾つかのインターネットの活発なオンライン サービスのデータに基づいて、マルウェア、悪用について分析しています。 昨年中、私達はセキュリティ インテリジェンス レポートの第 15 版について企画していました。お客様に提供するガイダンスの範囲、および正確性を向上するためにはどうすれば良いのか考慮したため、過去のレポートで提供したデータ以上にマルウェアの蔓延率を最も良く示すにはどうしたら良いかについて熟慮しました。 私達は、リアルタイムの防御製品に基づいてマルウェアの影響度を測る測定基準を設ける必要がありました...
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    Receiving a time out error while trying to invoke a BizTalk Orchestration exposed as a service (WCF)

    Today I want to talk about a very common problem that can occur when we are invoking BizTalk Orchestrations exposed as a synchronous services (Request-Response Receive ports): "System.Net.WebException: The operation has timed out" In my case I was trying to invoke an orchestration exposed as a WCF service. And of course this can be very […] Blog Post by: Sandro Pereira
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    New Article on Creating and Consuming Custom Web Services

    I’ve been asked to write a few more articles for the DeveloperForce site (the developer-centric destination for developers) and the first one is now online. This article, entitled “Working with Custom SOAP and REST Services in .NET Applications” takes a look at how to construct custom SOAP and REST services in, and then […] Blog Post by: Richard Seroter
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    Bouvet and Italy 2013 BizTalk Innovation Day events – The Story

    And finally the BizTalkCrew 2013 tour is over! Like last year this was a European tour that started in London (UK) with our BizTalk Summit 2013 with an astounding audience of 128 attendees from more than 70 different companies across 16 countries. Then for the first time we held the event in the beautiful city […] Blog Post by: Sandro Pereira
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    MsgBoxViewer 13.662 is released and provides great new features !

    Hello, I'm happy to make public the latest version of MsgBoxViewer which provides lot of great new features that I detail below. For those who don’t dont know yet the tool, MsgBoxViewer (aka ”MBV”) is a known tool to do a complete analysis of a BizTalk group, whether it is in Production or not and supporting all versions of BizTalk since BizTalk Server 2004. The tool is generating friendly HTML reports containing lot of information about a BizTalk group but also raising non...
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    BizTalk Server 2013 Developer edition is available!

    Hello! As you all know there has been a lot of questions regarding BizTalk Server 2013 Developer edition, if you have an MSDN Subscription you can download it, it’s available! According to Microsoft there will be a release of BizTalk Server 2013 for a developer without MSDN and the fee for it will be around […] Blog Post by: Tord Glad Nordahl
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    BizTalk360 Product Specialist award

    This post is long overdue but I felt it was necessary to create. Back in April, 2013 Saravana Kumar and the BizTalk360 team introduced the BizTalk360 Product Specialist award . The primary objective of the program is to honour individuals who have gained adequate knowledge in installing, configuring and implementing BizTalk360 solution at customer sites. I have blogged( here , here and even wrote a whitepaper ) about some of my experiences with BizTalk360 in the past on this blog and am a strong...
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    Evolution of BizTalk360 HTML5 UI from idea to reality

    I’m a big fan of great UI designs, in-fact it used to be one of my hobbies to play with new UI designs and do some part-time projects, that’s how BizTalk360 was born. I didn’t hire any graphics designers when I started BizTalk360 3 years ago, of course that time I couldn’t afford to have [...] The post Evolution of BizTalk360 HTML5 UI from idea to reality appeared first on BizTalk360 Blog . Blog Post by: Saravana Kumar
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    Building Blocks of Windows Azure BizTalk Services

    This post is the twenty-second in a weekly series intended to briefly spotlight those things that you need to know about new features in BizTalk Server 2013. Since the last BizTalk Summit, there has been a lot of coverage within the greater BizTalk Community of Windows Azure BizTalk Services – the Azure-backed offering that brings […] Blog Post by: Nick Hauenstein
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    Using the hierarchyid SQL Server Data Type

    We have a need to store sales data for a company. In this company sales are measured by territories, which are represented by offices. Offices have a hierarchy which forms the territories and we need to be able to represent this hierarchy in our data model in order to correctly report sales data. Let’s take the [...] Blog Post by: Mark Lee
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    Windows 8.1 ~ Windows Update のより柔軟になった再起動オプション

    前回のブログ「 Windows 8.1 ~ Windows Update 管理画面の新機能 」に引き続き、今回も Windows 8.1 に関する情報をお届けします。 今回は、Windows 8.1 で改善された更新プログラム適用時の再起動の動作についてご紹介します。 ■ ログオン画面で即対応 更新プログラムによって、インストールを完了するために PC の再起動が必要になる場合があります。 Windows 8 では、段階的な通知により再起動のタイミングをフレキシブルに選択することができるようになりました。( #1 ) Windows 8.1 でも、同様に段階的な通知により再起動のタイミングをフレキシブルに選択することができます。また、次の画面のように、ログオン画面で通知を受けた場合には右下の電源ボタンをクリックすることで、[更新してシャットダウン]、[更新して再起動] が選択できるようになりました。通知に気付いた際にすぐにアクションが取れるようになっています。 ■ 強制再起動までの猶予 また、更新プログラムをインストール後に再起動せずにいた場合の動作も改善されています。 Windows...
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    Request-Response messaging via Queues, Web services and SOA technologies

    The topic is an old debate in the software industry, we have been listening to SOA experts to use modern technologies like web services, SOA middleware products while from an archaic we would listen terms like queues, reliable messaging etc. This post will try to differentiate between these concepts, their advantages and disadvantages and probably […] Blog Post by: Abdul Rafay
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    Monitor your BizTalk environment using PowerShell – Monitoring Windows Updates and Pending Restarts

    One of the principal needs for BizTalk Administrators is the ability to monitor the health of BizTalk environments and react promptly to possible problems, you can accomplished this by using certain tools such as: BizTalk Administration Console; BizTalk360; SCOM and many more… However, unfortunately many times, some of these tools are not available for us […] Blog Post by: Sandro Pereira
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