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May, 2012

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This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.

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    How to resolve error: Unable to resolve Contentdistributor with FAST Search for SharePoint 2010

    Issue Description During part of the setup process, you secure SSL communications between the SharePoint server and the fast server by running the SecureFASTSearchConnector.ps1 script.  You supply the certPath, the username of the user running the OSearch14 service, and the name of the FAST Content SSA. In my case, it was an account called SP Farm.  [...] Blog Post by: Michael Gerety
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    MSDN Articles on configuring SharePoint search for External Content Types (BCS)

    We’ve been doing some work for multiple clients using FAST Search for SharePoint 2010 and indexing content surfaced using SharePoint’s Business Connectivity Services (BCS) and External Content Types (ECTs). I recently was looking for how to do incremental searches on External data and found these 2 MSDN articles that are extremely detailed and informative on the [...] Blog Post by: Michael Gerety
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    Interview Series: Four Questions With … Martijn Linssen

    Welcome to the 40th interview in my series of chats with thought leaders in the integration space. I decided to reach outside the Microsoft-oriented pool that I usually dip into for interview victims, and Martijn was up for the task. Martijn Linssen is an independent enterprise integration expert, regular blogger, frequent contributor to the popular [...] Blog Post by: Richard Seroter
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    WP7: Touch Develop

    Can you imagine developing Apps on your WP7 phone? I couldn’t even begin to contemplate anything of the sort until I saw Touch Develop !! teach TouchDevelop is a novel software development environment that lets users write programs for Windows Phone directly on the smartphone, no PC required. TouchDevelop can be used in the classroom to teach programming concepts, and TouchDevelop is also ideal for classes on Mobile Computing, as it cuts the time required to write apps. University phone loan program...
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    WCF REST Error Handler

    I’ve put up on GitHub a sample WCF error handler for REST services , which returns proper HTTP status codes in response to service errors. The code is very simple – a ServiceBehavior implementation which can be specified in config to tag the RestErrorHandler...
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    BizTalk admin advanced interview questions

    So after my first blog post regarding the interview questions, I decided to add one with more advanced questions. I am not going to give out the answers, however if you want to discuss any of the questions please let me know by sending me an email. 1. How can you flag messages and route Blog Post by: Tord Glad Nordahl
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    New Job, Different Place

    Time to mix it up. I’ve been in enterprise IT for 5+ years, and while I’ve enjoyed it immensely and been fortunate to work at a great company, there are other things that I want to be able to do. So, I’ve decided to quit my job, and accept an offer with Tier 3. I’ll [...] Blog Post by: Richard Seroter
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    BizTalk Community series: Introducing Oliver Hauth

    Recently I had a conversation through email with Oliver Hauth , the person who as a BizTalk community member I like to bring to the foreground in this blog post. He has been awarded Microsoft Valuable Professional little over a year ago. I met Oliver in Berlin during the TechEd Europe 2010 and we'll probably meet again during the upcoming TechEd Europe 2012 in Amsterdam. He is a passionate IT professional, BizTalk forum member and fun guy to hang out with. Here is his story. Oliver is 32 years...
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    New Metadata Discovery Features in SQL Server 2012

    It has always been possible to interrogate SQL Server for metadata (schema) information. You can easily discover all the objects in a database (tables, views, stored procedures, and so on) and their types by directly querying system tables (not recommended, as they can change from one version of SQL Server to another) or information schema [...] Blog Post by: Lenni Lobel
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    MsgBoxViewer 12 is available !

    Hello BizTalk community ! long time I did not write a post on my MBV blog and update the tool ! I was indeed quite busy in my new role helping SharePoint developers but I always kept an eye on the BizTalk business and maintained strong relationships inside MS with BizTalk Support and Field/Consultants engineers. Some of them reported me some MBV warnings about SQL versions which were not anymore accurate because of new SQL updates. I also found myself the need to update rules checking the Cumulative...
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    Testing with Brian

    I should delete this Blog Post by: jon
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    Book Review: BizTalk Server 2010 Cookbook by Steef-Jan Wiggers

    Recently I have found myself with some time to review a book instead of writing one. This time around it was a BizTalk book written by fellow BizTalk MVP Steef-Jan Wiggers .  Steef-Jan is no stranger in the BizTalk community.  He has been very active in the MSDN forums, reviewing and writing books and has been busy on the speaking circuit in the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada and more recently Italy. Steef-Jan has a lot of BizTalk experience so it should come as no surprise that he has written...
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    Azure: Data Center IP Ranges Published

    Finally we get some info on what IP ranges are used for the Data Centers. Now when you have those conversations with the Network security folks and when they ask "What IP addresses are you hitting?", when they want to open up access for Azure Service Bus. Here's the 'official' IP Ranges (you just hope it doesn't change on works for 3 days of the week, then the 4th it stops...that was an interesting one to solve) Windows Azure DataCenter IP Ranges This appeases my...
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    Help my BizTalk databases are growing!

    The BizTalk Event in Italy was a blast and I had a great time. Today a day after I arrived home I got intrigued by a scenario on the BizTalk forums. The scenario described a situation that BizTalk databases are growing larger even though the BizTalk database jobs are running correctly (see also database script on MSDN Code Gallery). The execution of the BizTalk Server SQL Agent jobs are crucial for managing the BizTalk Server databases and for maintaining optimal performance. Experienced BizTalk...
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    Breeze Jobs: .NET Developer who want more out of life.

    Hi folks, We’re looking for someone who loves technology and is currently surrounded by .NET technologies. Contact us if you want to be part of a great team that sinks their teeth into many different projects, concepts and technologies. The most important thing I look for is your ‘can do’ attitude, the rest we can essentially learn. Come and be part of a team that loves what they do, and do what they love. (Makes it easier to get up on these colder mornings ) Sydney based. If you’re interested and...
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    MS Script Center

    Huge assortment of scripts for all the family on many many many different jobs.... Note to self: Why didn't I come across this sooner?? Enjoy, Mick. Blog Post by: Mick Badran
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    BizTalk360 blog Update

    Over the last year or so most of my blog posts were predominantly dominated by posts related to BizTalk360. It wouldn't be a surprise for most of the readers, given my association with BizTalk360 . Now BizTalk360 has grown into a well known product with team working behind it and customers over 10 countries (we finally added UK to the list :-) and Finland), it's time to setup it's own blog dedicated to product updates and write some cool things around monitoring, support, operation and...
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    Tracing and Tracking ESB events

    Many a times one may feel the need to trace ESB events when using itineraries. This will enable you to see how a message is getting processed by the ESB itinerary resolver and if something is going wrong there. The process of enabling this switch is quite simple and it involves the following: Tracing 1) [...] Blog Post by: DipeshA
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    REST Start Kit for BizTalk Server

    The REST Start Kit for BizTalk Server is about providing support for GET, POST, PUT and DELETE operation, for both Receive and Send ports together with support for both XML and JSON. In a former post , I showed how to expose REST services from BizTalk. However I never got it to work for GET operations and did not cover consuming other REST services through Send Ports. Consuming REST services was however greatly covered by Nitin Mehrotra in his post “ Invoke ReSTful Web Services with BizTalk Server...
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    Minimal security requirements for using notifications with the BizTalk WCF SQL adapter

    Using notifications (or rather the SQL Broker engine) in BizTalk is a great way to utilize Microsoft technology and platform uniformity. There is a great article about it in the Microsoft BizTalk 2010: Line of business Systems Integration book, and Richard Seroter had a good article about it back in the day. I found something problematic though: When using samples I got all kinds of strange security exceptions… I wanted to use integrated security and grand the BizTalk Service user enough (but just...
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