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December, 2011

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    BizTalk Orchestration Naming Conventions

    This is a second part of the BizTalk Naming Convention. Part 1: biztalk: naming convention for the biztalk solutions Special Orchestration Objects <Message> =: msg_ + <ShortMessageType> <Variable> =: var_ + <Name> <CorrelationSet>...
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    BizTalk: Sample: PGP Encryption/Decryption Pipeline Components

    A sample demonstrates the PGP Encryption/Decryption in pipelines. You can download a code here . A sample is based on a sample by Brian Jones See original code here The main additions to original code: · Single pipeline component was separated to two...
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    Truncate BizTalk Servers database log files to clear up space

    First: A Disclaimer. Do NOT attempt this in your production environment.You risk loosing data. We had an issue in a test environment where the Backup BizTalk job was not configured and had caused the log files to fill the disk to it's limit. The data in the environment wasn't important and destroying a coherent backup chain and point in time restore was not a big deal. We just needed to get the environment back fast to allow test to continue. I quickly wrote and ran the script below that...
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    Used and unused hosts sql script

    This is just a log post of a script I put together. When setting up a plattform we are not always certain what hosts and handlers the customer wants. We usually set it up according to common requirements and best practices. In that case it's also interesting to see what hosts are indeed used and not used once the solution is deployed, so you know which ones can be removed if requested. This is a sql script for that. Although this information can be found out using the Administration Console these...
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    BizTalk and WCF adapters: Operation and SOAP Action

    One area here is not so well documented. When we are filling in the Transport properties for WCF adapter, we see the SOAP Action header section. What is it? Where we could take the values for Operations and Actions? If we use the Consume WCF Service wizard...
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    Azure: Performance

    Here are a few links about Windows Azure Platform performance Voici quelques liens sur les performances dans la plateforme Windows Azure NB: this post contains screen shots for the links. Please follow the links to get the most recent and up to date information. NB: ce billet comprend des copies d’écrans mais pour les liens. Il est conseillé de cliquer sur les liens pour avoir les informations les plus à jour. This list is not exhaustive. Please feel free to provide additional valuable links by commenting...
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    Hadoop on Azure: word count in Java and JavaScript | Hadoop sur Azure: comptons les mots en Java et JavaScript

    A preview version of Hadoop on Windows Azure is available. The details of that availability is at Une pré-version d’Hadoop sur Azure est disponible. Les détails de cette disponibilité sont à availability-of-community-technology-preview-ctp-of-hadoop-based-service-on-windows-azure.aspx A good introduction to what Hadoop and Map Reduce are is available at Une bonne introduction à ce que sont Hadoop et Map/Reduce est à As a developer using Hadoop...
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    Updates to bLogical.BizTalkManagement powershell BizTalk Server database restore commandlets

    I've uploaded a new version of the bLogical.BizTalkManagement restore powershell commandlets originally posted by Mikael . The updates are minor and adress the parsing of filenames and cleanup of the code to get rid of some god intentions that never became more then intentions, aka unused code. If you have no idea what I am talking about, feel free to read the original article and give them a try . We are using these heavily for customers instead of log shipping and it really makes the whole...
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    Azure Service Bus EAI/EDI December 2011 CTP – Content Based Routing

    In this blog post we are going look at how to manage routing in the new Azure ServiceBus EAI CTP. As a scenario, I’m going to send a request for information (RFI) to some of my fellow MVP’s. To do that, I’m going to create a One-Way Xml Bridge, to receive the messages. After receiving the RFI message I tend to route it to one of three queues. 1. Create a ServiceBus project If you haven’t already downloaded the SDK, you can do this here . After you’ve installed the SDK, you can sign in to the labs...
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    A Great Holiday Season for Azure Developers

    There are a lot of reasons why the 2011 holiday season is a great time to take a look at Azure development. There are a number of offers and releases that allow you to start to explore cloud-based development on the Microsoft platform, best of all; they...
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    Twitter API 401 Unauthorized

    Ive been doing a little stuff with the Twitterize library and the twitter API. I started unexpectedly getting a 401 unauthorized error when things had been working fine previously. Eventually I tracked this down to be an issue with clock sync. I am using...
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    Microsoft BizTalk 2010 - Line of Business Systems Integration

    I just finished reading new book on Microsoft BizTalk 2010 written by BizTalk colleagues Kent Weare , Richard Seroter , Thiago Almeida , Sergei Moukhnitski, and Carl Darski. There are many good books that explore core BizTalk features for beginners, intermediate...
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    Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs

    Microsoft today has put Windows Azure Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs on its Windows Azure Platform . These labs provides integration capabilities for the Windows Azure Platform to extend on-premises applications to the cloud, provides rich messaging endpoints on the cloud to process and transform the messages, and helps organizations integrate with disparate applications, both on cloud and on-premises. In other words, Service Bus EAI and EDI Labs provides common integration capabilities (e.g. bridges...
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    Tell Us Once (TUO) goes live

    It's always exciting when a new application you've worked on goes live. The last couple of weeks have seen the 'soft' launch of a new service offered by the UK government called 'Tell Us Once' (TUO). You can probably guess from...
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    Distributing WCF service load vertically as well as horizontally

    Overview I've been looking into a solution recently which has a series of remote nodes publishing events to a central node. The publishers have no logic, they just need to contact the central node and record that an event has happened. Off the back...
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    Using User-defined tables as stored procedure parameter

    The WCF-SQL adapter provides support for multiple inserts through the Consume Adapter Service feature: However, sometimes you might want to validate the data on the SQL side before before making the insert. For instance, if you have a collection of Customers, where some of them might already exist in the database, and should only be updated. In such a case, you’d have to first make a database lookup, to determine the state of the Customer and then make either an insert or update. In such a case,...
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    Microsoft BizTalk server 2010 patterns - a review

    ”There is no Hello World in BizTalk” - Dan Rosanova (author of the book) I really want to like this book . Right off the bat the title is awesome with a capital A. Right up my alley as it were. For a long time there has been a lack of literature about the more practical details around patterns and anti-patterns and how they are implemented in BizTalk. I am not saying that there has not been anything about patterns, there is a ton of them, but nothing really about how to implement them in a BizTalk...
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    How to pass BizTalk certification (70-595)

    As you may know, there is an MCTS-exam called 70-595, for us that work with BizTalk. The formal name is: “ Developing Business Process and Integration Solutions by Using Microsoft BizTalk Server 2010 ”. Many seem to think that passing this test is hard and also a challenge, but if you do pass, it gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment. You have also received a sign of approval from Microsoft about your knowledge and abilities. If you are lucky, and work for the right employer , you might even...
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    Manage BizTalk Server from your Phone or Tablet

    Last week. Tellago Studios’ technology evangelist Uri Katsir delivered a super interesting webinar about managing BizTalk Server from you mobile device using Moesion . I am still receiving emails about some of the capabilities available in the current...( read more ) Blog Post by: gsusx
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    Dynamic SMTP Failure: Unknown Error Description

    I was sending an email dynamically, from an orchestration. I set up a nice payload message with all of these nicely distinguished fields, that contained the to/ from, subject and body of the email, so that other parts of my system could send an email, just by generating this message. My message assignment shape had: EmailSendMessage = EmailReceiveMessage; EmailSendMessage(SMTP.EmailBodyText) = EmailReceiveMessage.Body; EmailSendMessage(SMTP.CC) = EmailReceiveMessage.CopyTo; EmailSendMessage(SMTP...
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