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February, 2010

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This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.

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    Bulk XML Load Tutorial

    Since I have had to explain how to use the BulkXML adapter a few times, I decided to create a quick tutorial on how to use it. Also, this is a tutorial for me to follow, since every time I do this, I re-learn the same things over and over. The first thing...
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    The Oracle Adapter in BizTalk Adapter Pack v2.0

    Has anyone been successful creating schemas based off of an Oracle package using the new Oracle adapter (BAP v2.o)? We had a Business Adapter Pack v1.0 send port that utilized an Oracle package. When we upgraded to v2.0, it stopped working showing an...
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    Understanding Extenders in the Itinerary Designer

    I was lurking around the ESB Toolkit forums yesterday, and got involved in an exchange with someone who was hitting the same roadblock to the Itinerary Designer that a lot of people hit: confusion with the model elements and extenders. Upon my first exposure...
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    WF 4.0 Custom Activities Webcast

    In the third in series of webcasts on CloudCasts looking at Workflow Foundation 4.0 custom activities I’ll take a look at Custom Activity Designers. The designers use Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) to allow developers to easily create stylish and...
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    Error Number: 102 Data type error

    I know that there are many different reasons why you would be getting this error, but I wanted to document one way you can try to get the BTAHL7 DASM: Error happened in body during parsing Error # 1 Segment Id: GT1_Guarantor Sequence Number: 1 Field Number...
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    Turtle LOGO is reborn – Silverlight style

    I got an email from David Marsh telling me about this new world from MS. Let me share a little… Way back when…LOGO was one of the first languages I learnt as a kid. Moving a turtle around on a page with commands such as PenUp, PenDown, RightTurn etc etc...
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    Desktop Virtualization Hour - Coming March 18th

    While browsing Microsoft's Virtualization site, I stumbled across an upcoming event: Looking at Desktop Virtualization including VDI? Thinking about Windows 7 migration; wants savings, but wondering about ROI? Join Microsoft, industry experts and...
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    Creating Views in WCF WebHttp Service with T4

    This is part nine of a twelve part series that introduces the features of WCF WebHttp Services in .NET 4. In this post we will cover: Learning the basics of T4 (Text Template Transformation Toolkit) Using T4 to create views in WCF WebHttp Services for text-based content Over the course of this blog post series, we are building a web service called TeamTask . TeamTask allows a team to track tasks assigned to members of the team. Because the code in a given blog post builds upon the code from the previous...
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    ESB Toolkit Webcast – On Demand Links

    The webcast that Ofer and I ran last week “Improving Business Agility with the Enterprise Service Bus”  went quite well (at least that’s the feedback we heard from those of you who attended.) For those of you who couldn’t attend and those of you...
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    Host Integration Server generates a lot of warning in the eventlog

    The following warning is often seen on servers running Microsoft Host Integration Server: Log Name: Application Source: SNA Base Service Date: date Event ID: 561 Task Category: None Level: Warning Keywords: Classic User: user Computer: computer Description: Write to mailslot or socket failed, rc = 64 EXPLANATION A Win32 WriteFile() or winsock sendto() call failed. The return code is shown. ACTION Provide network support personnel with the event log file(s) related to SNA, and the return code included...
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    BizTalk Server: Handling decimal types with the xpath() Function

    Last week, I spent some time looking at a problem with a customer's orchestration. In one place, the developer had made use of the infamous BizTalk xpath() function to assign a value in one message to a decimal field in another message. He got an...
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    BizTalk 2009: BizTalk Mapper - get value from last node

    I ran into a situation where I needed to get the last value from a re-occurring node that SAP was returning. In order to extract the last record, I utilized the Record Count functoid and fed that value into the Index functoid. The Index functoid is also fed with the value from the "WA" element that I am really interested in. The result is then passed to a String Concatenate functoid where the data is enriched before being assigned to the destination document.
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    Must have hotfixes for BizTalk Server 2009 Developers

    Hotfix for resolving issues with references between projects: Hotfix for problem with orchestrations saying “The expression that you have entered is not valid.” when they are in fact valid:
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    4.0 Beta2->RC WCF/WF List of Breaking changes

    This list covers known breaking changes between 4.0 Beta2 and RC WCF & WF Framework. Summary of Breaking Changes FlowChart Designer produces FlowSwitch<T> instead of FlowSwitch Description : In Beta2 the FlowSwitch item in the activities toolbox produces a non-generic FlowSwitch. Post Beta2, it produces a FlowSwitch<T>. The reason for the change is that non-generic FlowSwitch (used in beta2 and earlier) only allowed to switch on strings (e.g. all keys in the cases needed to be strings...
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    Consuming a BizTalk hosted WCF Service with InfoPath 2007

    I recently built a POC that wrapped an SAP RFC call in a WCF Service exposed by BizTalk. I exposed schemas as WCF services instead of opting for exposing the Orchestration as a WCF Service. The purpose of the Service was to validate a utility meter’s status inside of SAP.  Some of the statuses may include active/inactive/meter not found.  The RFC that I used is called RFC_Read_Table.  This is a pretty generic, out of box,  RFC that allows you to query SAP tables.  The RFC...
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    Host Integration Server 2006 – Service Pack 1: Now Available

    Wow, it must be the week for Service Pack announcements. First we see the BizTalk 2006-R1 SP and now HIS 2006 gets its very own SP.  Details from about the release are below. Please note, that the Knowledge Base articles listed below might not be...
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    Day-long Azure Conference in San Diego, March 6th

    The San Diego .NET User Group will be hosting our first Azure day-long conference on March 6th. This first one will be more overview level, we’re planning at least one other which will be more focused and deeper for later this year, and then perhaps more after that. For this first one, we will be covering:   Azure Intro (David Chou) Azure Development (Daniel Egan) SQL Azure (Lynn Langit) Azure AppFabric (Brian Loesgen)   And yes, the way it turned out, all speakers for this are from Microsoft...
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    VS 2010 / .NET 4 Release Candidate

    [In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at: ] This afternoon we made available the VS 2010 and .NET 4 release candidates.  You can find download links here . Right...
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    ASP.NET MVC 2 (Release Candidate 2) Now Available

    [In addition to blogging, I am also now using Twitter for quick updates and to share links. Follow me at: ] Earlier this evening the ASP.NET team shipped ASP.NET MVC (Release Candidate 2) for VS 2008/.NET 3.5.  You can download...
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    Resume Orchestration Instances in Breakpoint via code

    Triggered by a question on the MSDN Forums I did some digging in Reflector to find out the way to programmatically resume orchestration instances that have been stopped in a breakpoint via the Orchestration Debugger. I quickly realized that resuming the...
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