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April, 2009

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This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.

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    BizTalk 2009 Hands on Days

    The Australian BizTalk User Groups (Sydney Connected Systems User Group, Brisbane BizTalk Community (BrizTalk) and Melbourne BizTalk User Group, would like to invite you to attend one of the BizTalk Server 2009 Hands On Days being presented in May and...
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    BizTalk Server 2009 books to look out for

      I am building a BizTalk 2009 book library for my team at work and thought I’d share the list of books with some comments. They can all be pre-ordered from Amazon (with the exception of Pro Mapping in BizTalk 2009 that is already shipping). Must...
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    The Context Accessor functoid, part III

    Hi all I have had posts about the context accessor functoid here and here . Just a couple of notes about the context accessor functoids (plural - because there are two functoids at codeplex ): One of the functoids will only work when called from a map that is executed inside an orchestration. The other functoid will only work when called from a map in a receive port AND only if the pipeline component that ships with the functoid has been used in the receive pipeline. As you can see, creating a map...
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    The Context Accessor functoid, part II

    Hi all I had a post about one of the context accessor functoids which can be seen here: This post is about the other one – the one that can only be used in a map that is used in a receive port. Basically, the functoid takes in three inputs: The first is the name of the property and the second parameter is the namespace of the property schema this property belongs to. The third parameter is an optional string that is returned in...
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    Managing Concurrency over Service Boundaries

    [Source: ] Managing concurrency within an application boundary can be straightforward where you own the database schema and the application's data representation. By adding an incrementing lock sequence to tables...
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    Making Logging Cheaper with Lambda Expressions

    [Source: ] The venerable log4net library enables cheap instrumentation with configured logging levels, so logs are only written if the log call is on or above the active level. However, the evaluation of the log...
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    BizTalk PGP Pipeline Component with Encrypt, Decrypt, and Sign and Encrypt functionality

    I’ve added some functionality to the PGP Pipeline component to enable it to Sign and Encrypt files. Properties Explained: ASCIIArmorFlag – Writes out file in ASCII or Binary Extension – Final File’s extension Operation – Decrypt, Encrypt, and now Sign...
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    BizTalk Server 2006 R2 Support for SQL Server 2005 SP3

    With the release of SQL Server 2005 SP3, many of us are wondering if BizTalk Server 2006 is supported with SP3. I asked Microsoft this question and here was the reply: “The BizTalk test team has planned complete testing of this. However, the Rangers...
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    BizTalk FTP/FTPS Adapter

    I was having some problems transferring files from a very old SUN Unix server using the FTP adapter. I decided to create a new BizTalk FTP/FTPS adapter that would be robust and allow me to connect to FTPS servers. Here are the Receive Location Properties...
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    ugMix event in Minneapolis May 8th

    If you are in the local area, there is a pretty cool event coming to town on May 8th.  From Jeff Brand : Join us for a special event co-sponsored by the .NET User Group & Silverlight User Group. This month we’re bringing highlights from the MIX09...
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    BizTalk Server 2009 RTM on MSDN

    This news is a few days late, but couldn’t let it pass: the 2009 version of BizTalk is out on MSDN for download. This is another evolutionary release, containing a large set of improvements ont he previous 2006 R2 version, including .Net 3.5 SP1/VS2008...
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    MBVQueryBuilder Quick Help

    This doc below provide some documentation on MBVQueryBuilder tool , explaining what is this tool and why it exists and what it allow to do. 1) Presenting MBVQueryBuilder and its concepts What is MBVQueryBuilder ? This tool allow to create quickly and easily additional queries for MBV tool This tool can create and update a Query Repository XML file with the all queries you will create and allow also to generate the queries you want in an XML MBV Extension file starting with name "MBVEXT"...
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    MOSS 2007 SP2 will be out soon…

    Hi All, Microsoft has recently announced Microsoft Office System Service Pack 2 (includes MOSS 2007 SP2) which is due to be released on 28th April 2009. You can get more information on the new features and updates available in MOSS 2007 SP2 from here...
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    BizTalk 2009 Book and ESB Guidance

    Some of you might be familiar with George Dunphy's "Pro BizTalk 2006" book that was released a couple of years ago through APress. Well, he's getting set to release a new one for BizTalk 2009 and I was very excited when he asked if I...
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    Demos from DevWeek 2009 (WF Context, WF 4 Activities, and WCF 4 features)

    A little delayed, to be sure, but here are the demos from my three talks at Dev Week this year.  Thanks for all who attended.  I’ll be giving an updated version of the custom activities talk at DevDays2009 in the Netherlands at the end of May...
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    Promoting reoccurring elements – Part II

    Hi all I had a post about promoting reoccurring elements in BizTalk. As we all know, this isn’t possible…. BUT… actually… well… :-) Basically, you promote properties for three reasons: You need it to route based on the value You need it for correlation (which is basically just a specialization of routing) You need to either read or set the value inside an orchestration (Don’t do that! Use distinguished fields instead) So, dealing with number 1, routing, I started thinking back at BizTalk 2002, which...
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    Wishes for the next version of BizTalk

    Hi all Well, the time has once again come for a “If I had all the money in the world to pay to the BizTalk development team and I could decide what to put into the next version of BizTalk, this would be it”-list :-) There are a couple of items that I have stolen from . Orchestration debugging should be easier. I really hate that I have to deploy my orchestration, throw a message through it just to get an instance in HAT that I an set breakpoints...
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    Speaking at Microsoft's Connections Spring Symposium

    Tomorrow and Thursday I will be speaking at the Microsoft's Connections Spring events hosted in Fort Lauderdale and Tampa respectively. The session focuses on real world ESB patterns and the Microsoft's ESB value proposition. We are going to cover...
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    Speaking on Windows Azure at VSLive! Las Vegas in June

    Just a quick note to let everyone know that I’ll be speaking at VSLive! Las Vegas on June 10-11 on Windows Azure and Dublin.  Join me at the Venetian where I’ll be doing a general overview session on cloud computing and Windows Azure on 6/10 in the...
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    BAM deployment and partitioned tables

    In this post I will give a brief overview of some problems that arise during deployment of BAM activity updates. In particular when partitioning is enabled for the activity the error below can occurre upon regeneration of the view that union the partitions. “All queries combined using a UNION, INTERSECT or EXCEPT operator must have [...]
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