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July, 2004

BizTalk Blogs

This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.

BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

Numerous BizTalk Bloggers all in one spot. All content is property of the original blog owner.
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    More on pipeline components

    A while ago, I blogged about pipeline components and what you need to pay attention to. Stephen, in reply to this, was wondering (see his comment ) how tracking came into play. And... to be honest - I didn't have a clue! Only recently I managed to get...
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    Is there a pub/sub system underneath BizTalk?

    Okay, according to the stats, you guys stopped reading when I posted the convoy topic, but, well, I'll keep throwing stuff at you and hope you enjoy it. This is the first installment of the bizTalk pub/sub infrastructure talk. I have met lots of people...
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    Eldar's weblog...

    Here's another blog from the Biztalk product group that is well worth keeping an eye on, Eldar is a Program Manager for the Biztalk engine team, so I'm sure we'll be seeing some great blogs from him.
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    CONVOYS From the BizTalk Documentation: When a group of correlated messages could potentially be received at the same time, a race condition could occur in which a correlation set in a particular orchestration instance must be initialized by one of the...
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    BizTalk 2004 QFEs/Hotfixes

    There are several QFEs for BizTalk 2004 that you may want to know about, in case you encounter the situations described below. Situation : You attempt to create or edit Receive or Send ports within the BizTalk Explorer in Visual Studio, and CPU consumption...
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    Acknowledgments and Negative Acknowledgments (Part 1)

    The Biztalk engine has the notion of publishing system level (positive) Acknowledgments ( ACK’s ) which indicate a successful message transmission and Negative Acknowledgments ( NACK’s ) which indicate the suspension of a message; these are...
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    Biztalk Core Engine Blogg...

    The Biztalk core engine team have a great blogg here , be sure to check it out, Lee has kicked it off with a great blogg on zombies . Back in the days of BTS2000 Lee and I shared an office, but after six months we had to move into our own offices, there...
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    New good blog out

    Be sure to check out Kevin Smith's (kevinsmi) blog which appears to have just come out. He's an ok chap, although I think he misspelled my last name on purpose (since we shared an office for a year you'd think he'd know how to spell it...
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    Ok, so who the heck is this Kevin B Smith chap? Well, until recently I spent the bulk of my Microsoft career in Redmond working for the Biztalk Server product group where I shipped the Biztalk Server 2000, 2002 and 2004 releases. I spent all of that time...
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