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November, 2008

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This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.

Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

Insight and guidance on Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Azure, Infrastructure as a Service, and related Microsoft technologies.
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Step by Step: Working with Content Based Correlation in Workflow 4.0

    Don't miss the screen cast video on this same subject available at Content Based Correlation in Workflow 4.0 Content based correlation is used when you send a message out of a long running workflow and need to get a response back later into that same workflow using information contained inside the original message. In this case, the correlation needs to be stored and made available to match the response message. Content based correlation is easy to set up and use inside Windows Workflow 4.0....
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalk vs Dublin - Do Not Get Confused

    I was reading an interesting blog post today called Will Dublin Replace BizTalk? It got me thinking more about this and I wrote up the response below. I would love to hear other peoples comments and thoughts on this. I see a clear separation on when you would use BizTalk vs when you would use Dublin. I see a great story going forward with both technologies working together. I welcome comments and feedback on this. Comment on "Will Dublin Replace BizTalk?" blog post: "I like your article...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Screencast: Content Based Correlation in Workflow 4.0

    What is Correlation? Correlation is when a process sends a message out and that same process is expecting a response to be returned to the same instance of that process. The complexity rises when the messaging patterns become asynchronous or the process becomes long running. Asynchronous and long running processes are a common scenario inside business processes today. BizTalk Server is great at correlation inside Orchestrations given the publish and subscribe architecture of BizTalk Server. BizTalk...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    First Look Screen Shots of Windows Application Server - Dublin

    Make sure you check out the video content on Dublin available on First Look at Windows Application Server (Dublin) Dublin is the code name for the new Windows Application Server components. At the core, Dublin is designed to be a hosting environment for Windows Workflow and Windows Communication Foundation based applications. It integrates into IIS and provides eight new features out of the box. If you have worked with BizTalk Server 2006 in the past, as we walk through the next...
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