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December, 2006

BizTalk Blogs

This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.

Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

Insight and guidance on Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Azure, Infrastructure as a Service, and related Microsoft technologies.
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalk 2006 R2 WCF Adapter First Look Video

    Ready to take a look at some of the new features of BizTalk 2006 R2? I have put together a short 13 minute video walking through how simple it is to expose BizTalk Orchestrations as WCF Services and then consume them inside a Windows Application. This video show how to use the BasicHTTP Binding and the WCF Wizard. This is intended to give you a first look into some of the new features in BizTalk 2006 R2. Take a look at the video today! Available via live play or WMI download. Source code is also...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalker Volume 9: Making The Right Port Binding Choice

    The latest edition of The BizTalker has been released. This issue headlines John Callaway from QuickLearn. He talks about Specify Now, Specify Later, Dynamic, and Direct Port Binding options inside an Orchestration. He goes into details about when to use what and the scenarios each works well for. View this issue online or subscribe now to make sure you do not miss an issue. The BizTalker is published every month or so to over 1400 people worldwide.
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Updated BizTalk Bloggers OPML File - Now 97 Blogs

    I have updated the BizTalk Bloggers OPML file. This update adds about 6 new BizTalk related blogs bringing the total to 97. You can download the OPML file here . If you do not want to track the blogs yourself, you can see most of them online on our syndicated blog site . Currently, Community Server does not support ATOM feeds. So the blogs that only have ATOM feeds will not show up.
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