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July, 2004

BizTalk Blogs

This group is for blogs related to BizTalk Server. This includes Community Syndicated blogs and Stephen W. Thomas’s blog.

Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

Insight and guidance on Microsoft BizTalk Server, Windows Azure, Infrastructure as a Service, and related Microsoft technologies.
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    What If a Map Fails on a Send Port in BizTalk 2004

    This is a challenge to overcome in BizTalk 2004. It seems that the message never hits the Send Pipeline and as far as I can tell no error is written to HAT. The only place this error is written to is the Event Log. But this is ok if you are using MOM or something else to watch the event log. The messages will be Suspended inside HAT and marked as resumable. CRITICAL: Note that this is not the case if a map fails on the Receive Port. These messages are non-resumable.
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalk 2004 Documentation Update Available

    Microsoft released a new version of the product documentation on July 28 th . It is available for download at:
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Root Node Type Name Vs Node Name

    I just wanted to take a second to get everyone on the same page since these properties are VERY important in BizTalk. If you are a solo developer or you have never renamed a root node, then you may not understand the importance of these properties. First off, what are they? Node Name: This is the name that is displayed inside Visual Studio for the root node in the schema and for each field element in a property schema. Root Node Type Name: Basically, this is what BizTalk will call your root node...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Welcome to My Biztalk Blog

    Greeting and welcome to my BizTalk Blog. I guess you might want to know a little about who is going to be writing this blog. Before working with BizTalk Server, I ran my own retail internet business selling toys and display cases on the net. Ok, that does not sound very exciting or technical but I did all the web site development along with all the order packing, phone answering, receiving, etc. Oh, I guess I should back up a little more and should mention that before that I was working for International...
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