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Parallel Convoy - Correlation?

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Parallel Convoy - Correlation?

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Hi, I've got 2 incoming csv files (arriving in either order). Once the 2 files are received, we require to carry out some data matching between the 2 and generate different outputs I.e. Matched data by a common key field, unmatched data etc. I understand a parallel convoy shape could be used for this purpose. However, there is no correlation data between the 2 files? Can I still use the parallel convoy in this situation, if so how does one deal with the correlation? I had used the flat file scheme wizard to generate the schemas for the 2 files; then created receive pipeline using a disasembler componet, setting the schema document setting to the generated schemas. However, not sure regarding the correlation part of the convoy, and what we do with the schemas. Any help? Hung
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  • Partly fix my problem as I ended up using the recieveport name as the correlation.

    However, I have started to implement a timeout on the convoy, to avoid the instance waiting forever  on the second message type.

    Within the error block, I was hoping to output all received messages to an error folder in the case of a timeout. However, this I'm finding rather problematic as I'm getting issues with unconstructed messages and scope issues with variables.

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