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Error starting "ALL.Exceptions" send port present in Microsoft.Practices.ESB

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Error starting "ALL.Exceptions" send port present in Microsoft.Practices.ESB

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I have installed the ESB toolkit 2.1 on 64 bit. Also configured ESB using the ESB configuration tool. Everything seems to work fine except that the ALL.Exceptions send port in Microsoft.Practices.ESB is not starting. When I tied to start i got an error message. And the event log had the following error message
Unable to communicate with MessageBox BizTalkMsgBoxDb on SQL Instance <server name>. Error Code: 0x8004d00e. Possible reasons include: 
 1) The MessageBox is unavailable.
 2) The network link from this machine to the MessageBox is down.
 3) The DTC Configuration on either this local machine or the machine hosting this MessageBox is incorrect.

the account that runs the host instance that runs the send port is an administrator and has rights to the message box. infact made ports are running in this host instance and are running fine. only this ESB exception port seems to be the probelm.
Does anybody know what could be wrong ? or any ideas how to solve this. PELASE HELP
Thanks in advanceSurya

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  • Even I had a similar issue of starting "All.Exceptions" Send port..and I came across a solution to edit the Bindings file in C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk ESB Toolkit\Bindings. The solution stated to remove the Line breaks for the filter tag and i did the same and it worked for me. Prior to this I manually edited the Bindings file in Notepad ++ to change the hosttrusted to true for the send ports and receive ports. strange solution but it did work !!

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