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Re: Biztalk Service on seperate web Server

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Biztalk Service on seperate web Server

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My Biztalk Application is deployed on my local machine which is having biztalk server installed and configured.
I have published My Biztalk Application as web service on a remote computer. (Web Server- which also having biztalk installed and configured)
But I dont want to install my Biztalk application in remote server. 
I want to access My local biztalk application through the web service which I have published on remote computer. 
I have Configured the receive location and public address as the service name on remote computer  [REMOTECOMPUTERNAME]/SampleBiztalkApp_ProxyGID/SampleBiztalkApp_SampleOrchestration_PortRR.asmx
When my clinet app consumed the webservice and access, the error generated :
System.Web.Services.Protocols.SoapException: Internal SOAP Processing Failure
Is there any config changes after publishing biztalk service on a remote machine ? Pls Help me..

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