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Re: BizTalk 2010: Send port not working and not showing up in Tracked Message Events

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BizTalk 2010: Send port not working and not showing up in Tracked Message Events

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I have an application that has multiple orchestrations which in turn hit a number of web services.
All receive and send ports are working fine. Except for one physical send port, which is talking to a web service.
The address is fine, the bindings are proper.
There are no deployment errors. There are no runtime errors.
And this port used to work previously.
Now in the Tracked Message Events, the logical send port is showing up but the physical send port is blank. The URI is blank.
The port is up and running. It is enlisted. I tried restarting the port and the host instances there is no change.
Any advice?
Thanks in advance,
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  • Hi Srini,

      Is this an external web service? If it is, maybe your firewall settings are preventing the port from communicating with it. Check with your infrastructure team on that.

      If it's an internal web service, if I were you, I would still get the infrastructure team to monitor the network packets to make sure nothing is being lost.

      Or maybe something has changed with the web service itself since you said the port used to work previously, you might want to double check that web service.

       Good luck.

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