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BizTalk 2013 - Unable to import MSI when App uses dynamic ports

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BizTalk 2013 - Unable to import MSI when App uses dynamic ports

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New to forum, so firstly hello forum!

Wonder if any help out there for this odd problem.

Deployment of application msi fails into BizTalk 2013 prod environment, fails when deploying the project dll that contains all the orchestrations, and reports a failure to apply early bindings.  The only early bindings in this project are dynamic send ports.  I cannot recreate the problem in in my QAS environment where deployments of the same msi works fine.  

  • I can build an msi without any bindings at all except for the dynamically created ones, and this also display the same behaviour on import.  
  • I have test deployed a 2nd unrelated app that also uses dynamic send ports, and this displays the problem.  
  • Adding the assembly directly to BizTalk console displays the same behaviour.
  • Deployment of msi apps without dynamic send ports are ok.

The dynamic ports use a pipeline including a custom pipeline component which I can confirm is available in the correct directory

  • C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2013\Pipeline Components

No specific further detail is available in the error except.

Import Wizard[09/05/2014 08:20:47]: Error in Importing Application

Import Wizard[09/05/2014 08:20:47]: Change requests failed for some resources.

BizTalkAssemblyResourceManager failed to complete end type change request.

Unable to deploy early bindings.

Failed to update binding information.

Error in the application.


Other information that may be relevant:

  • The main difference between QAS and PROD is that PROD is a two node cluster.  Import behaviour is the same if attempted on either node.  Assemblies are installed in both nodes currently.
  • The dynamic ports are set on handlers that are non-clustered hosts (all are for adapter type SMTP).
  • I have ensured that all the adapter handlers are identically setup in both environments.
  • The project files were migrated to BizTalk 2013 from BizTalk 2010, imported and then converted using VS 2012.
  • The msi has installed the assemblies as per usual and they do exist in the .net 4 gac
  • There is a reference to a shared resource in a different application, this application is installed and imported ok.

I’m a bit stuck at what to try now, I have option where I could recreate the dynamic ports from scratch in the orchestrations and redeploy to dev in the hope it’s something that VS2012 didn’t handle too gracefully when converting the project.  I could move the functionality into a helper class and forget about using dynamic sends, rather not go down that route.

Since writing this up, I have removed dyn ports from one app, and successfully deployed - that not an approach I want to follow but it will get me around a few pressing deadlines.  I have also created a test app in VS 2012 and included a dyn smtp send, and this also displays the problem so I'm confident it is not a obvious migration problem between VS2010 & VS2012.  Having reviewed the adapter handlers I can't see any difference between prod and qa in terms of which hosts instances are configured to receive/send for each.

 Any comments and ideas for further investigation are most welcome.

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