I'm not very comfortable with the BizTalk multinode basic principles.

I read some articles on MSDN but I'm not very sure of my understanding.

Here is my scenario :

- Two runtime BizTalk Servers A and B having both their local host instances

- One shared message box

- No situation where one server manage the Receive part while the other Process and Send...

 All host instances are present and started on the two servers

=> we are in a Fault tolerance schema. 

The current messages are processed by one server (let's say the A).

If a network failure occurs on the BizTalk Server A, the server A host instances will stop and the server B will now process the messages.

When the network will be ok, the A host instances will not restart automatically.

=> To me, that's the failover part and BizTalk does not act like a "network balancer", switching from one server to the other all the time.

So during the runtime, if the two servers are operationals and that all host instances are started, only one BizTalk server is working.

The other won't work until a failure.

=> in the case of a server A reboot, I think the host instances will restart, so what is happening ? Does the process still occurs on B ?


Could you confirm me if my logic is right or give me some clue for a better understanding ?

Thanks a lot !