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Where does my suspended jobs in BizTalk 2013 go?

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Where does my suspended jobs in BizTalk 2013 go?

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I have noticed that my Suspended jobs dissapperas from the database all too fast, before I have been able to handle them sometimes. 

So I wanted to ask if there is a setting where I can set the time to live for these suspended jobs? Which service, jobs etc. is the one that is deleting the suspended jobs in BizTalk and is this something I can adjust?




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  • When you say Suspended jobs are you talking of SQL jobs or the Suspended messages?

    In the Group hub page you should be able to see the Suspended messages.

    If they are disappearing means they are getting deleted or some artifact is subscribing for the failed messages.

    Need more info before we understand your question clearly

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  • i think you are talking about suspended instances. this will possibly happen if you have the ESB configured. make sure the stop ESB applicaiton.

    There will be send port for fault handling in ESB.

    hope this helps



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