I have an orchestration that has a dynamic Send-Receive port. I set the address in an expression shape like such: StatusUpdateSendPort(Microsoft.XLANGs.BaseTypes.Address) = webServiceUrl.  The web service url looks like http://apps.mycompany.com/MyService/MyService.asmx. I am sending a specific method three string values and I get back a boolean. I am sending anywhere from 500-1000 messages over the course of about an hour. Most nights it runs fine. Once or twice a month I have issues where it runs fine for the first few minutes then I start to receive "WebException:The operation has timed out" errors. My perfmon counters show that outbound latency and outbound Adapter Latency start to climb ... all the way from normal (.032000) to 50.376645. BizTalk documentation states that this is in milliseconds, but does the name "Outbound Adapter Latency (sec)" imply otherwise? Are we actually looking at seconds here? And my resources (CPU, Memory etc...) look fine on the BizTalk server. I don't know about the target server's resources. My understanding is that these measurements reflect the time it took from when the outbound adapter received the message to the time it sent the message. Is BizTalk smart enough to know if the target server is busy and therefore waits to send the message and is therefore timing out? I have the response timeout in minutes for each host set to 20 minutes. Is there another timeout setting to configure?