We have been running on HL7 2.3 and just upgraded to 2.3.1 and now the DG1-3 part of the message is hanging in the pipeline if it has a repeater "~" element. Once I delete the Repeater and the extra Diag Codes it goes through. I have searched about every resource online and can not find an answer to this. PLEASE HELP, I'm pulling my hair out over this.

Here is my Message:

PID|1|41007|42771|9121|TEST^TONY^||19650210|M|||1888 Any St^^Houston^TX^77046|0|1112223333|2817990413^|||||987654321
PV1|1|O|^^^5901^TST - Rheumatic Disease Clinic of Houston||||1234567890^Willis^Sam,Multi^||||||||||||47|||||||||||||||||||||||||20140218113000||||||47||
FT1|1|||20140218113000|20140221153500|CG|99215|||1.00||||||^^^5901^TST - Rheumatic Disease Clinic of Houston|||039.2~902.0~447.72~|1234567890^Willis^Sam,Multi^|1234567890||||99215|~~


And here is the error:

Error happened in body during parsing 
Error # 1
Segment Id: DG1_DiagnosisSegment
Sequence Number: 1
Field Number: 3
Error Number: 102
Error Description: Data type error
Encoding System: HL7nnnn