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Re: Sendport filter property

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Sendport filter property

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Im using a scheme which looks similar to this.

<MessageArray xmlns:xsi="" xmlns:xsd="" xmlns="urn:BVTAFMessageInbox">
<Scheme1 xmlns="urn:BVTAF">

So the scheme we uses is "Scheme1". Namespace "BVTAF" is holding LOTS of schemes, and we want to also use those. What we want to try is having our Send port filter to do

BTS.Messagetype == urn:BVTAFMessageInbox#MessageArray

Which right now gives us all info that we want from "Scheme1", but we in future want to make the sendport get a specific XML Element from "MessageArray", because we will be adding more schemes in future which is stored in BVTAF, which will have different save in our SQL and our procedure.

Is there some of the property (just writing a example how I hoped it would work) that works like this

BTS.MessageType == urn:BVTAFMessageInbox#MessageArray And
BTS.MessageType == Scheme1
(this does not work)

But some property which explains that tells exactly which XML element I want to take out? For that send port.

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