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Re: "Unknown Error Description" on dynamic send port

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"Unknown Error Description" on dynamic send port

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I have an orchestration which uses direct binding to publish a message on the message box. I created a dynamic send port with a filter expression on it. Amongst some custom context properties (for the filter), the orchestration is setting the following BTS and HTTP context properties:
  • BTS.OutboundTransportLocation = "http://someurl?q=somequerystring"
  • BTS.OutboundTransportType = "HTTP"
  • BTS.RetryCount = 3
  • BTS.RetryInterval = 1
  • HTTP.EnableChunkedEncoding = false
  • HTTP.AuthenticationScheme = "Anonymous"
  • HTTP.UseHandlerProxySettings = true

All of these properties are promoted by initialising a correlation set. When I look at the message context in the management console, they are all there, and all are promoted. However, the message (not the orchestration) is being suspended with the following exception: A message sent to adapter "BiztalkMessagingEngine" on send port "Send" with URI "http://someurl?q=somequerystring" is suspended. Error details: Unknown Error Description MessageId: {51554DFF-01D6-4B85-AC8A-148298755BD5} InstanceID: {64F55571-8AEB-4AE4-A214-5FE787E7280E}

BizTalk seems to route the message to the correct send port. The HTTP adapter is configured correctly, and if I use a static port instead, it works (but I loose the querystring). I'd like to avoid using a static port with a custom pipeline, if possible.

Some googling reveals that other people have experienced the same issue with the smtp adapter, and solved it by setting the SMTP.EmailBodyTextCharset property, but obviously that doesn't make any sense here.

Does anyone have a clue as to what is going wrong here?

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