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Maps :Multiple record to single record

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Maps :Multiple record to single record

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I have a source schema with multiple records(but not the same structure), need to map the fields in these records to a single record, could anybody give me some idea how to do that? I try to use looping functoid but it seems only for multiple repeat records with the same structure.

Source Destination

Root Root
Record1 Record
item1 ------------> item_a

item3 ------------> item_d
item4 ------------> item_e

I did try it with looping functoid, only output the one item in the first record, all the others are missing...... Please help me out

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  • Did you try direct 1:1 field mapping without looping functoid?

    So dont map anything to Record node on the destination field to field mapping.

    If you need only 1 record on the destination side to contain all the fields then you dont need a looping functoid.

    I think it should work fine.

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