Hi Everyone,

I am new to BizTalk and have some very basic understanding of what it does. My client wants to send and receive EDIFACT files over AS2 protocol and they have asked for our AS2 ID, AS2 URL and certificate(public if I am right). Please find my understanding below about these and correct me if anything goes wrong

1. AS2 ID - Not sure where and how to create AS2 ID

2. AS2 URL - I have created a virtual directory[AS2] in IIS to receive files from client [Path mapped to C:\Program Files\Microsoft BizTalk Server 2009\HttpReceive] and the URL obtained is http:\\<ip_addr>\as2

3. Certificate - Certificate is generated with 1 year validity using Certificate authority services in windows server 2003 and exported with [Do not export private key] option

Is the above AS2 URL correct to share with the client?Is the certificate generated is valid to share?
And please tell me how to create AS2 ID

Platform details:

1. Windows Server 2003

2. BizTalk 2009 with SQL Server 2005 Standard Edition [SP2]

Any help on this is highly appreciated. 

Thanks in advance