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How to connect two web service from different application with BizTak...

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How to connect two web service from different application with BizTak...

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Really confuse to do my urgent project... I have to connect many two web service with BizTalk Applicattion.

An example job description to do :

1) Application BAK need students data from application MISSION

2) To do that, application BAK have web service "get students" that will request all the students data from application MISSION

3) BAK's web service ("get students") will call the MISSION application through it's web service ("return students")

4) The MISSION's web service will have an SQL job to select all the students data from it's database dan return the result to the BAK's web service "get student" (who has called the web service)

5) All the data will be insert to the BAK database through the BAK's web service ("get students")

The two webservice, BAK's web service ("get students" ) and MISSION's web service ("return students") must be connect with BizTalk application...

This is just one of many two web service that must be connected through BizTalk Application...

Another job to connect two services : between MISSION application and SIKEU application, between BAK application and SIKEU application, between SIATMA application and MISSION application, between SIATMA application and SIKEU application...


Really appreciate all of your help master.... ^^


Great thanks,

Nengsih Fitria

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  • You just have to get the ws's address.For example,XXX?wsdl.You  can paste this url in IE to see the wsdl of you ws.

    Then,you should define different in/out port and bind ws adapter which use the url above.

  • It's fairly easy and well document how BizTalk can call a webservice (either .asmx or WCF).

    It sounds like your company chose BizTalk as a middle ware to avoid writing point-to-point systems. 

    In other words, if system A needs to call System B, instead, A calls BizTalk (let's call it "Z" and BizTalk "Z" calls B).  BizTalk orchestrations can also be published as either .asmx or WCF web services.  So Application A can call BizTalk as a web service.  Then when System B changes, system A hopefully doesn't have to change, because you have the "Z" layer in between.

    I've also seen companies use BizTalk to aggregate several web services.  Example, System A needs to call System B and System C.  So you write an orchestration that calls System B and C, and combine the results into one schema, then publish that as a web service.  System A then calls the BizTalk webservice.

    Hope that is kind of what you were asking.

    Neal Walters


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  • Hayy NealWalters,,,


    it can be one solution...

    But, is it right to use that solution to connect many system??

    I mean, i will integrate many system with many sistem...

    Let's say that i will integrate 4 application to 4 application...

    I want to use BizTalk to remove the point-to-point connection, Sir...

    That's right??


    Actually, i want to implement ESB (Enterprise Service Bus) architecture Sir...

    Give me some suggestion....


    Great thanks,


    Nengsih Fitria

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  • Hi Nengsih,


        I would hope that the documentation from the ESB toolkit should be sufficient to get you started on an implementation. If along the process, you run into some roadblocks, then you could come to this forum to ask relevant questions, but don't expect anyone here to hold your hands all the way through an ESB implementation (unless that person is hired as a consultant).



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  • Dear  Mr xman71,



    Thanks for your attention....



    Nengsih Fitria

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  • Hi My Self Shahid

    I want to use SWIFT through Biz talk formy Application but i dont know  How I start

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