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Re: Can biztalk accept input xml with extra tags in it? if yes, How?

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Can biztalk accept input xml with extra tags in it? if yes, How?

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I have the following sample input xml:
<Students Class='xyz'>
  <Student count='0'>
    <FName value='Alex'/>
    <LName value='James'>
    <Age value='22'>
    <DOB value='01/01/2001'>
    <ID value='123'>
  <Student count='1'>
    <FName value='Victor'/>
    <LName value='Brown'>
    <Age value='23'>
    <DOB value='02/12/2000'>
    <ID value='541'>

And my input schema accepts the xml which is similar to the above xml except it does not have <Age> and <DOB> tags in it. which means that the <Age> and <DOB> tags are extra tags in my input xml which is not required by the input schema.

Question: is it possible in biztalk to accept the above xml as it is (i.e. along with <Age> and <DOB> tags) to populate the schema which accepts all xml except <Age> and <DOB> tags?

Can it just pick up the required tags and populate the input schema?


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  • Hi,

     You have to change your schema to set the "Min Occurs" property to value of 0 for the two elements Age and DOB, so that the receive port will accept your sample input XML without any instance of those two elements present in the contents.

      Good luck.

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