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Splitting Out POP3 Email Attachments

Splitting Out POP3 Email Attachments

This sample shows how to receive an email via the POP3 Adapter and break off unlimited attachments as separate messages. Each message will be saved to a folder location. Note that this sample is not fully functional; you need to set up the POP3 Receive Location yourself to an existing email address.

This sample will work with BizTalk 2006 and BizTalk 2006 R2.

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  • re: Splitting Out POP3 Email Attachments

    Testing POP3 Attachments management
  • re: Splitting Out POP3 Email Attachments

    Hi, I am very new to Biz talk. I downloaded application and deploy it successfully. But when i create new receive location as per my mailid and server it gives error. "Message-pop" could not be bound to "SampleEmailAttachment.splitEmail".The Artifact "Message-pop" does not belong to same application as "SampleEmailAttachment.splitEmail" or its reference Message-pop is my new receive location which i want to create. Please guide me how to configure receive and send location.
  • re: Splitting Out POP3 Email Attachments

    Hello, Stephen. It's Daniel from Brazil. How are you? Sorry about my english ok :) Congratullations for your solution, it's help me a lot!!! I don't know if i made a mistake, but i found a bug on this solution. If you download a email with: 1- Body part 2- Any Attachment 3- A signature with some image (on email body) ... the biztalk adapter lost the body part. I tried all port configuration but i didn't find a solution for this bug. I tried the microsoft suport but they confirm this bug on the biztalk adapter. Do you have a solution for it? Best regards Daniel
  • re: Splitting Out POP3 Email Attachments

    Hello Daniel and Stephen, I've been working with this and found the same bug about the missing body. Any solution to this? Thanks so much in advance.
  • re: Splitting Out POP3 Email Attachments

    HI, Thanks for your solution. It's really useful. Actually my requirement is that I need to download the attachment with the File Name. Could you please help me on this. Example: If the email has an attachment (i.e. Employee.pdf); the output should come same as "Employee.pdf". Thanks, Ranjan
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