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2 Questions

BizTalk 2004

This group is for all content related to BizTalk Server 2004. This includes a forum, samples, videos, labs, whitepapers, and tools. Most of the content here also applies to other versions of BizTalk beyond 2004.

2 Questions

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  • Hy
    I had BizTalk Server 2004 SP1
    Windows Server 2003 SP1
    And some Win XP Prof Clients ;)
    SharePoint Service

    2 Questions

    1. I want do add a Decision but it dont work :(

    I dont knwo?

    2. Could i install only the .Net \"Addon\" or must i intall on every PC the BizTalk Server?
  • I think I have the answer to your first question...

    This is because the element you are trying to access is not promoted.
    You have to create a Property schema and promote the elemetns you want tl access in the orchestration.

  • You just need the BizTalk Development tools and you'll probably want the SDK to do Dev work with BizTalk.

    Stephen W. Thomas

  • If you put the cursor over the little squiggly line indicating the errors, what does the error say? Note that you have two squiggly lines...

    Neal Walters
  • the fields that you are going to use in expression shapes etc need to be distinguished fields. Right click the field -> Promote -> Show Promotions, go to the Distinguished fields Tab and add one of the fields to the list if distinguished on the right. Make sure there's a propertyschema file defined. After that you'll be able to use such fields in your expressions

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