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Status of BizTalk Ports in Management Databse

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Status of BizTalk Ports in Management Databse

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Hi All,

Is there any way to determine the status of biztalk ports in management database.

I mean Is there any table entry in BizTalkMgmt databse which will indicate the status of receive/send ports enabled/disabled through Admin/BizTalk explorer.

Please help.

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  • Yes there will be somewhere in the BizTalkMgmtDb where this information is held.
    Don't know if anyone has gone to the trouble of finding it. Most people would use the ExplorerOM or WMI APIs to find this info.
    With the WMI interface you even register for events that notify you of a change to the status.

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  • Greg,

    Thanks for your reply. You mean to say we suppose to write custom WMI interface to capture the status of ports. The actual requirement is

    I need to write a C# component which will monitor all biztalk receive/send ports and sends notification to support group for every one hour. I thought of reading the status of ports from BizTalkMgmt database in a C# component would work. Please let me know from which table in Mgmt databse we need to capture this information.

    Please adivice me to go for better approach.

    Thanks in advance.

  • Biztalk aready provides the WMI interface, you just need to use it. Here is a example of C# console app that registers  for change events on receive locations and send ports:

    There is more info in the documentation:

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  • I see this is a very old thread but I'll answer it for those who may be searching.

    In short yes they exist.

    Send Port Status


    DB:        BizTalkMgmtDb

    Table:     dbo.bts_sendport

    Column: nPortStatus

    Bound 1 Default state

    Started 3 Indicates the send port or send port group is started, and subscriptions are activated.

    Stopped 2 Indicates the send port or send port group is enlisted, and subscriptions are created but they are deactivated.

    Receive Location Status


    DB:         BizTalkMgmtDb

    Table:      dbo.adm_ReceiveLocation

    Column:  Disabled

    -1 port is stopped

    0  port is started

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