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  • BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

    Any recommendation for Windows 2003-ASP .NET hosting?

    Hi All, In the past few months I been hit with so many technical problems running biztalk 24 * I'm currently with 1and1 for my hosting, I been with them for past few years now. Everything is well and good until you hit a problem, but once you...
  • BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

    Using XSLT 1.0 to summarize a node-set with comma separated values

    Pure XSLT is very powerful but it definitely has its weaknesses (I’ve written about how to extend XSLT using mapping and BizTalk previously here) … One of those are handling numbers that uses a different decimal-separator than a point (“.”). Take for...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Using XPath Inside BizTalk Orchestrations

    Working with XPath inside Orchestrations is a powerful and simple feature of BizTalk 2004. The help guide does a good job describing the process (under Using XPath in Message Assignment). I have found that the XPath queries can only be done against a Message and the results can be set to a Message, XML Document or other orchestration variables. XPath queries can also be executed against untyped messages. That is, a Message that is of type System.Xml.XmlDocument. CRITICAL: BizTalk xpath can be used...
  • BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

    Creating a Windows 7 WinPE Boot Disk - ImageX ERROR:“Error mounting image” “the parameter is incorrect”

    Well after a few hardware failures at work and many hours rebuilding servers that are *supposed* to have RAID 5 on them, I’m back online. (They had RAID enabled at the BIOS level, and there’s a BIOS boot based tool that let’s you create/delete stripes...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    How to Allow Unrecognized Messages on Send Ports Using Message Context

    Have you seen an error that looks like the one below on your Send Pipelines? There was a failure executing the send pipeline: "Microsoft.BizTalk.DefaultPipelines.XMLTransmit" Source: "XML assembler" Send Port: "some location" Reason: This Assembler cannot retrieve document specification by using this type: "namespace#rootnode". This is caused by not having a unique combination of namespace and root node (MessageType). BizTalk by default does not like unrecognized messages. The XML Disassembler has...
  • BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

    SolZip version 1.1 has been released

    Hi all A friend and colleague of mine has just release SolZip version 1.1 on CodePlex – Find it here: . Basically, it is a nifty way of zipping a Visual Studio 2008 C# solution. The utility is pointed towards the .sln file and then zips all files in the solution and projects into one zip file. To me this is really nice, because as of BizTalk 2009, the project files are just specialized C# projects and therefore, it seems to work just fine for BizTalk 2009 solutions as...
  • BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

    Adventures with Live Mesh (CTP)

    I have been playing around with the Live Mesh Community Techology Preview, and have been doing what I think is some pretty cool stuff with it (as a consumer), so I thought I'd post something about it. First off, and let's get this out of the way...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Envelope Processing on Send and Receive Ports

    Have you looked at the SDK example working with Envelopes in BizTalk 2004 for Flat Files and tried to get it to work with XML Documents? Well, I did and I found it a little trickier than I expected. Key Take Home Points: - De-Batching / Envelope Processing for XML Document must take place on the Receive Port. I have not been able to get it to work on the Send Port, but I am still trying. - Properties can be promoted from the Header and demoted to the single messages - No custom pipelines are required...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    2nd Annual International Check Your Enterprise Single Sign-On Master Secret Key Day

    Today is November 11th and like I did last year , today is a great day to ensure you know how to recover your BizTalk Environment in the event of a disaster.  One key part of recovery is knowing how to restore the SSO Master Secret. Need help exporting the Master Secret?  Follow these steps: Exporting out the Master Secret is as simple as 1, 2, 3 ( ) 1.  On the Start menu, click All Programs , click Microsoft Enterprise...
  • BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

    Exposing Custom WCF Headers through WCF Behaviors

    Since the WCF Publishing Wizard in BizTalk does not support adding custom headers defined at the server, we need to programmatically modify what gets created by the wizard to add custom headers. However, from the client you have the option to pass in...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    BizTalk vs Dublin - Do Not Get Confused

    I was reading an interesting blog post today called Will Dublin Replace BizTalk? It got me thinking more about this and I wrote up the response below. I would love to hear other peoples comments and thoughts on this. I see a clear separation on when you would use BizTalk vs when you would use Dublin. I see a great story going forward with both technologies working together. I welcome comments and feedback on this. Comment on "Will Dublin Replace BizTalk?" blog post: "I like your article...
  • BizTalk Community Blogs via Syndication

    Finally! Connected OCS 2007 R2 to Trixbox (Asterisk) to a PSTN/PBX

    I’ve been through many integration projects and I think now I’ve found a product more complicated than BizTalk. For the last 6 weeks internally we’ve been ‘rolling out’ (more like dragging through the mud) an OCS/UM setup – it now finally works!!!! (Inbound...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    How to Remove an Orphaned Windows Azure Virtual Machine Disk and Remove a Lease Conflict on a VHD Blob

    I have been spending a lot of time the past few weeks working with the Windows Azure Virtual Machines that are currently available as a Preview Feature. The ability to be up and running with a custom hosted Virtual Machine in a matter of minutes without any extra onsite hardware costs still amazes me, although this concept has been around for a while now.  It is ever better that I can use the Virtual Machine for a few hours and then throw it away at a net cost to me of only a few cents. ...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Running a Windows Azure Virtual Machine Locally with Hyper-V or VMware 8 / VMware 9

    This is a follow-up to my post and video on Creating a BizTalk 2010 R2 CTP Virtual Machine in Windows Azure.  I hope most of you have reviewed my earlier posts on Creating a Windows Azure Virtual Machine running BizTalk Server 2010 R2 CTP. So now what? You can create a Syspreped image of the Virtual Machine to be used over and over again to create new BizTalk instances. This would be very handy if you wanted to role this out to 20 new developers on a project (more detail on this here ) with...
  • Stephen W. Thomas BizTalk MVP

    Windows Azure Virtual Machines – Stopped doesn’t equal Stopped Deallocated

    When driving down the street I think we all know what to do when we see a Stop Sign – we know we need to stop the car. What happens when you see Stopped as a status for a Windows Azure Virtual Machines? A little over a month ago Microsoft announced they would no longer charge for a Stopped Virtual Machine. This came as welcome news as I am sure many of you are like me – have left something on for a few days and received a bill for it. What Microsoft introduced was really a new definition...
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