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Applied Architecture Sample Code Download

Applied Architecture Sample Code Download

These code samples are part of the book "Applied Architecture Patterns on the Microsoft Platform".  Each folder relates to a specific chapter in the book.  While this code can be useful on its own, this code is best used along with the book.  The book walks through a detailed use-case and then outlines creating the solution in detail.


This download contains the following code samples:

  • Chapter 2 and Chapter 3 - Primer on Windows Workflow 4.0 and Windows Server AppFabric Solution
  • Chapter 4 - Primer on BizTalk Server Solution
  • Chapter 5 - Primer on SQL Server
  • Chapter 6 - Windows Azure Platform Primer
  • Chapter 7 - Simple Workflow Solution using Windows Workflow 4.0
  • Chapter 8 - Content-Based Routing using Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) Routing Service
  • Chapter 9 - Publish-Subscribe using BizTalk Server 2010
  • Chapter 10 - Repair and Resubmit with Human Workflow using SharePoint 2010 to call a Windows Server AppFabric-hosted workflow service
  • Chapter 11 - Remote Message Broadcasting with Windows Azure platform AppFabric service bus.
  • Chapter 13 - Complex Event Processing using Stream Insight
  • Chapter 14 - Cross-Organizational Supply Chain using BizTalk 2010 and the ESB Toolkit
  • Chapter 15 - Multiple Master Synchronization
  • Chapter 16 - Rapid Flexible Scalability using SQL Azure
  • Chapter 17 - Low Latency Request-Reply using AppFabric and Workflow 4.0
  • Chapter 18 - Handling Large Session and Reference with AppFabric Caching (aka Velocity)
  • Chapter 19 - Website Load Burst and Failover with Windows Azure

The book is available now on and

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  • re: Applied Architecture Sample Code Download

    This is a wonderful resource. I'm trying to run the sample source code for Chapter 14 (C14-CrossOrganizationalSupplyChain) is missing the project file for Chapter14.SMCSupplyChain.InventoryCheckService. I have created a new WCF project and added the existing service file but it does not compile. There appears to be something missing. I'm in urgent need of this code since I'm new to BIzTalk 2010. Can you please advice how to fix this issue.

  • re: Applied Architecture Sample Code Download

    I’m experiencing the same thing. The sample code for AppFabric caching which chapter 3 refers to is missing!

  • re: Applied Architecture Sample Code Download

    I've updated the code in the download with that latest version of Chapter 3 Caching and Chapter 14.  

    If you still have issues, please let me know.

  • re: Applied Architecture Sample Code Download

    Hi Stephen, Sample code for chapter 12 is missing. Can you please update the code for this chapter in the download? Thanks.
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