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This is the top level group for Microsoft AppFabric. Find blogs, samples, videos, and learning resources for Platform Azure AppFabric and Windows Server AppFabric here.
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  • Blog Post: Using Expression Encoder 4 in a Windows Azure Worker Role

    One of the most common workloads I hear about from customers and developers is video encoding in Windows Azure.  There are certainly many ways to perform video encoding in Windows Azure – in fact, at PDC 2009 I was joined by Mark Richards of Origin Digital who discussed their video transcoding solution...
  • Blog Post: Utilizing the Power of Startup Tasks in Your Windows Azure Web Role

    Ever wanted to have something running in the background servicing your Web Role in Windows Azure? Maybe you want to preload often read but seldom written values from SQL Azure or you’d like to download content in the background on … More » Blog Post by: Christian Martinez
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