[updated 7/21: added Wade’s tip as Tactic 4]

I have multiple Windows Live IDs (WLID), which has caused some confusion when I try to use the Windows Azure portal as I may have already signed in using another WLID, one that is not linked to my Azure account. I know this won’t be a common problem out there, but I am sure other people are in the same situation, so I thought I’d do a blog post about how to make this easier.

Tactic 1: Co-admin

[Thanks to David Aiken for this simple and effective approach, this is the one I will use from here on in]

A portal update earlier this year allowed have multiple administrators for a Windows Azure account. All you have to do is add the second WLID as a co-admin, and you’re done. This is seamless, transparent and elegant.

Tactic 2: In-private Browsing

Open a new instance of Internet Explorer, enable in-private browsing (Ctrl-Shift-P). When you go to the Azure portal you will be asked for a WLID (even if you are logged in outside that browser session with another WLID.

Tactic 3: Use a VM

I am a huge fan of VMs anyhow, and cringe when I install developer tools on my host/productivity machine. As these are separate machines, you can obviously use whichever WLID you want in either machine. However, even though I do development in a VM whenever possible, sometimes I won’t have a VM running and want to jump into the portal for something, in which case I will use Tactic 1.

Tactic 4: Use –nomerge

[Thanks to Wade Wegner for telling me about this one]

You can also use the –nomerge switch with Internet Explorer:

“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe” -nomerge

Blog Post by: Brian Loesgen