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December, 2010


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    New Release Microsoft.Activities.UnitTesting 1.71

    Just posted a new release of Microsoft.Activities.UnitTesting This release incorporates the Task Parallel Library to greatly simplify test code. Episodes You can now create a task that will run an episode of work in the workflow. An episode is simply a pulse of work that the workflow runs. For example an episode might look like the following Thread Action host Run the workflow host Wait for idle Workflow Activity 1 Workflow Activity 2 (creates a bookmark) Workflow Invoke Idle delegate - host sets...
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    Book Review: Windows Workflow Foundation 4 Cookbook

    Andrew Zhu works for Microsoft in Shanghai and has been using WF4 since the very early days.  He frequently answers questions on our internal mailing list and on the WF Forums so when I heard that he was writing a book about WF4 I knew it would be a good one. I just got my electronic copy and I have to say it looks great.  Of course it covers the basics but also gets into great detail especially in the chapter on rehosting the WF designer, it’s definitely on my recommended list. Check it...
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    WCF and AppFabric Auto-Start

    Auto-start is a really cool feature of Windows Server AppFabric. Recently I was asked about how you can do some kind of process initialization in your code with Auto-start (which the documentation implies that you can do). This led to a discussion with a number of questions that we want to address What does Auto-start really do? How much faster is the first call to my service if I use Auto-start? How can I write code that is called when the service is auto-started? - WCF and AppFabric...
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    How to consume a WCF Service from a WF4 Workflow

    Recently I saw a message on the WF4 Forum where someone was asking for help learning how to consume a WCF service from a Workflow. In this post I’m going to walk through how you can consume a WCF service from a Workflow where both the service and the workflow live in the same web site. This should be simple, but unfortunately it is not as simple as it should be. Create an ASP.NET Web Application Start Visual Studio 2010 and Create a new ASP.NET Web Application Add a new WCF Service to the project...
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    New WF4 Caching Activities for Windows Server AppFabric

    I’m happy to announce that we have just posted a “Labs” release on our site with some new Caching Activities . These activities work with Windows Server AppFabric Caching making it possible for you to use the cache directly from your workflow In this example I’m implementing the “Cache Aside” pattern where I first try to get the value from the cache and then if I can’t find it I get the value from a repository of some kind and then...
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    Web Deploy with Windows Azure on Restrictive Networks

    Some networks are more restrictive than others, and (much to my continual chagrin) this is especially true here at Microsoft.  As I wrote and tested the post Using Web Deploy with Windows Azure for Rapid Development, I found that I was not able to use Web Deploy on port 8172; turns out that we prevent [...] Blog Post by: Wade
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    Windows Azure AppFabric CTP December release now available

    Today we deployed an incremental update to the Access Control Service in the Labs environment. It's available here: . Keep in mind that there is no SLA around this release, but accounts and usage of the service are free while it is in the labs environment. This release builds on the prior October release of the Access Control Service, and has a few changes: Improved error messages by adding sub-codes and more detailed descriptions. Adding primary/secondary flag...
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    MSDN Webcast: Windows Azure Boot Camp: Connecting with AppFabric (Level 200)

    Register today for new Windows Azure AppFabric training!  Join this MSDN webcast training on February 7 , 2011 at 11:00 AM PST .   It's more than just calling a REST service that makes an application work; it's identity management, security, and reliability that make the cake.  In this webcast, we look at how to secure a REST Service, what you can do to connect services together, and how to defeat evil firewalls and nasty network address translations (NATs). Presenters...
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    12/13 - Updated IP addresses for AppFabric Data Centers

    Today (12/13/2010) the Windows Azure platform AppFabric has updated the IP Ranges on which the AppFabric nodes are hosted. If your firewall restricts outbound traffic, you will need to perform the additional step of opening your outbound TCP Ports and IP Addresses for these nodes. Please see the 1/28/2010 “ Additional Data Centers for Windows Azure platform AppFabric ” posted which was updated today to include the new set of IP Addresses. Blog Post by: netsqlservicesteam
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    Article on the Access Control service on MSDN Magazine

    The latest issue of the MSDN Magazine features a great article on the Windows Azure Access Control service written by our two technical evangelists: Vittorio Bertocci and Wade Wegner . Want to get an overview of what Access Control is good for and how to get started? Follow this link to the article: Re-Introducing the Windows Azure AppFabric Access Control Service . Blog Post by: netsqlservicesteam
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    Updated on 12/13/2010 -- Windows Azure AppFabric CTP December release – announcement and scheduled maintenance

    The next update to the Windows Azure AppFabric LABS environment is scheduled for December 15, 2010 (Wednesday). Users will have NO access to the AppFabric LABS portal and services during the scheduled maintenance down time. When: START: December 14, 2010, 12 pm (noon) PST END: December 15, 2010, 4 pm PST Impact Alert: The AppFabric LABS environment (Service Bus, Access Control, Caching, and portal) will be unavailable during this period. Additional impacts are described below. Action Required: Existing...
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    Running ActiveMQ on Windows Azure: One Man’s Search for a Full Featured Messaging Broker Option in the Cloud

      I’ve always enjoyed building systems that utilized flexible messaging platforms. Before joining Microsoft, I was a member of a small ISV team that built a commercial .NET based ESB product (a rare creature in and of itself) that was primarily … More » Blog Post by: Christian Martinez
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    Automatically sending tweets using TweetSharp

    One of the sites I run for the Dutch .NET community is .NET Events in the Netherlands which lists all sorts of community events for, as the name suggests, Dutch .NET developers. The site has been around for a while but always forced people to either go to the site or use in iCalendar feed so see what is happening. Some time ago I decided that these should also be tweeted so people using Twitter would be notified of upcoming events. There are several ways to automatically send tweets to Twitter and...
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    Windows Phone 7, Animations and Data Binding

    While working on one of my WP7 applications I noticed a weird problem with the animations. The app is pretty simple with just two pages. I added the same page load animation, see below, to both pages and all seemed to work just fine. < phone:PhoneApplicationPage.Projection > < PlaneProjection x:Name ="plane" CenterOfRotationX ="0" /> </ phone:PhoneApplicationPage.Projection > < phone:PhoneApplicationPage.Triggers > < EventTrigger > < BeginStoryboard...
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    Configuring ASP.NET Session State to use AppFabric Caching

    If you are using the information in this MSDN page to get started with the ASP.NET Session State Provider to use Windows Server AppFabric Caching you might run into some problems as the steps are less than complete. First make sure you have Windows Server AppFabric Caching setup and working and add the configSections and dataCacheClient elements as specified. If you next add the sessionState element as specified you will receive the following error: Parser Error Message: Could not load type 'Microsoft...
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    CloudCamp L.A. Registration Open Now

      If you’re interested in attending, better register now, space is limited. 43 spots open as of right now when this was written.   CloudCamp LA, Jan 11, 2011 There is very limited space at this Cloud Camp.  If you want to attend, you need to Register ASAP Register Here: CloudCamp is an unconference where early adopters of Cloud Computing technologies exchange ideas. With the rapid change occurring in the industry, we need a place where we can meet to share our experiences, challenges...
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    Reminder, FREE Azure Discovery Event in Los Angeles is this Thursday Dec 16

    It’s not too late, you can still get in. Please see my previous post for complete details. Hope to see you there! Blog Post by: Brian Loesgen
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    Azure Discovery Event in Los Angeles

    We will be hosting an Azure Discovery event on December 16th at the Microsoft office in downtown L.A.   Windows Azure Platform - Acceleration Discover Event Invitation Microsoft would like to invite you to a special event specifically designed for ISVs interested in learning more about the Windows Azure Platform. The “Windows Azure Platform Discover Events” are half-day events that will be held worldwide with the goal of helping ISVs understand the Microsoft’s Cloud Computing offerings with...
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    Creating your own virtual machine on Azure: Introducing VM Role

    Apparently, I was lucky to be in the first batch of beta participants for the 3 new Azure beta programs: I received the confirmation for the extra small instances rather fast Wednesday evening, I received confirmation for the Azure Connect beta program.  You can read my post on that here: Azure Connect: VPN as a Service, a quick introduction . And later that night, I received confirmation for the VM Role beta program. This post will demonstrate how to upload a virtual hard disk to the Azure...
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    Azure Connect: VPN as a Service, a quick introduction

    I just received a notification that my request to join the Beta Program for Azure Connect was approved.  And that immediately got me starting to test it out.  Things look very straightforward. I am using the phrase VPN as a Service for this feature, since it really explains it all. Virtual Network Configuration of Windows Azure Role Portal settings After logging in on the Azure Portal , you can click the Virtual Network button in the left corner at the bottom of the screen: After this,...
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