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This group is for Platform Azure AppFabric. It contains information about the cloud offerings for AppFabric including the Service Bus, Caching, and Access Control.
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European BizTalk Convention - Service Bus with Message Broadcasting

This download contains the power point slides and code from the Azure Platform AppFabric session at the...
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    WF4 Workflow Services–Can you use the Same Operation more than once?

    Thanks to Jean-Sebastien who contacted me with this question. Imagine you have the following service contract 1: [ServiceContract] 2: public interface IBaseMyServiceContract 3: { 4: [OperationContract] 5: MyMessage CallAMethod( string correlationHandle, MyMessage data); 6: } Now suppose you want to create a workflow service which implements this contract using the technique I showed in my blog post How to make a WorkflowService implement a contract But to make it interesting suppose you want to use...
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    Using the WCF Web API in an ASP.NET MVC application

    Warning: This post is based on a prerelease version of the WCF Web API   In my previous blog post I showed how to add to and use the new WCF Web API a console application using NuGet. Now that works but it is far more likely that you will want to be using IIS and host the REST service as part of a web application. So in this blog post I am going to show how to do the normal thing   I Created an ASP.NET MVC 3 app to host the REST service. Not that there is anything specific to MVC I need...
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    Getting started with RavenDB in an ASP.NET MVC application

    RavenDB is one of the newer document type databases that is conceptually comparable to MongoDB or CouchDB . One of the nice thing about RavenDB, at least for a .NET developer, is that is has been developed with .NET in mind from the start. And this makes it really easy to get started with. In fact it is so easy to get started with that it surprises me that not everyone is using it.   One of the things that attract me to document databases like RavenDB is the fact that they are really fast and...
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    WebAPI or WCF?

    I’ve been part of several conversations over the past few weeks where someone posited the question: Now that WebAPI is out, how do I (or my customers) decide when to use it or WCF? This question actually has many different flavors? Is WCF done? Does WebAPI replace WCF? Should I stop using WCF HTTP? Why is WebAPI part of ASP.NET? Wasn’t WebAPI originally a WCF framework? If WebAPI is part of ASP.NET, why don’t I just use MVC? What does WebAPI give me over MVC?   Is WCF done? WCF is not done,...
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    WF4 Workflow Versioning Spike

    Today I’m starting on another spike project.  So far there are only questions to investigate, no answers.  I’m sharing my plans with you because I believe doing so might help some of you and I’m hopeful that you might share your insights with me as we seek to solve this problem together. But aren't you solving versioning in the next release? Why yes – if you saw my session at PDC10 – Windows Workflow Futures you know that we are working on solutions for the next release.  However...
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