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This group is for Platform Azure AppFabric. It contains information about the cloud offerings for AppFabric including the Service Bus, Caching, and Access Control.
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European BizTalk Convention - Service Bus with Message Broadcasting

This download contains the power point slides and code from the Azure Platform AppFabric session at the...
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    AppFabric Cache – Compressing at the Client

      Introduction   The Azure AppFabric Cache price for a particular size has three quotas prorated over an hour period, the number of transactions, network bandwidth as measured in bytes and the number of concurrent connections. The three price points … More » Blog Post by: James Podgorski
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    Windows Azure Worker Role and BasicHttpBinding and the Loch Ness Monster

    I have read so many weird things about running a WCF service in a worker role using a BasicHttpBinding that the process might as well take its place alongside Nessie, The Yeti and the Lightweight Framework as things only some … More » Blog Post by: Christian Martinez
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    WF4 How To Invoke a Child Workflow as XAML

    Recently somebody asked me how a workflow could invoke another workflow that is loaded as XAML from a file or a database.  This is a common request so I’ve added an activity to Microsoft.Activities to support this. Download the Source for this example from MSDN Code Gallery – WF4 - How To Invoke a Child Workflow as XAML Scenario: Load an Activity from a XAML Text File and Invoke It Given A child activity deployed as XAML text in a file which will run to completion when invoked (no bookmarks...
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    Using SQL Azure Data Sync

    Lately, a lot of CTP’s came available on the Windows Azure platform. My goal is to try them all out. I blogged on two of these technologies already: Using Windows Azure VM Role Azure connect - VPN as a service This time, we’re getting on the data side, with SQL Azure Data Sync. This data synchronization service is built on the Microsoft Sync Framework technologies. It provides bi-directional data synchronization and data management capabilities allowing data to be easily shared across...
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    Query composition with the ASP.NET Web API

    Having the ASP.NET Web API as a REST service returning data is kind of nice but to be efficient on the wire we don’t want to return more data that required only to discard it in the client.   As we have seen in a previous post just returning a collection data was real easy.   As it turns out changing the service so the client can filter data is almost just as easy. In the previous example we returned an IEnumerable<Product>. All we need to do is change this to return an IQueryable<Product>...
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