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This group is for Platform Azure AppFabric. It contains information about the cloud offerings for AppFabric including the Service Bus, Caching, and Access Control.
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European BizTalk Convention - Service Bus with Message Broadcasting

This download contains the power point slides and code from the Azure Platform AppFabric session at the...
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    DevelopMentor: Getting started with AngularJS

      Getting started with angular js from Maurice Beijer   The sample application is online on Windows Azure here . The source code can be found on GitHub here .   The session recording can also be found online here .   Enjoy! Blog Post by: Maurice
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    Connecting to Salesforce from a Windows Phone 8 App

    One of the top requests I've received since releasing the Salesforce Toolkits for .NET has been a Windows Phone 8 sample application. I was very happy to oblige and today I'm pleased to share with you the Windows Phone 8 OAuth sample application. This sample makes use of the Developerforce.Force and Developerforce.Common NuGet packages. Since the .NET libraries in the toolkits are all portable class libraries developers are able to build applications targeting .NET 4 & 4.5, Windows Phone...
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    Better Support for HttpClient in the Salesforce Toolkits for .NET

    If you follow me on Twitter , chances are you heard we released a set of Salesforce Toolkits for .NET last week. The reception has been extraordinary, and I'm so excited to see the applications developers build using these toolkits! Take a look at the various annoucements and posts: Wade Wegner : Announcing the Salesforce Toolkits for .NET Developer Force Team Blog : Announcing the Salesforce Toolkits for .NET Richard Seroter : Using the New Salesforce Toolkit for .NET Nathen Dress :
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    Choosing the right abstractions

    Choosing the right abstractions can be hard.   Lets take a good look at the next piece of code. 1: public class WrongAbstraction 2: { 3: public void Execute() 4: { 5: IEnumerable<Product> products = GetProducts(); 6: PrintProducts(products); 7: } 8:   9: private void PrintProducts(IEnumerable<Product> products) 10: { 11: foreach (var product in products) 12: { 13: Console.WriteLine(product.ProductName); 14: } 15:   16: Console.WriteLine( "Total number of products ...
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    Announcing the Salesforce Toolkits for .NET

    I am extremely pleased to announce the availability of two Salesforce Toolkits for .NET developers: the Toolkit for .NET and the Chatter Toolkit for .NET . These toolkits provide an easy way for .NET developers to interact with the and Chatter REST APIs using a native .NET libraries. The easiest way to get started is to use the NuGet packages: Install-Package DeveloperForce.Force Install-Package DeveloperForce.Chatter You can find a set of API examples and samples in the Github...
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