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This group is for Platform Azure AppFabric. It contains information about the cloud offerings for AppFabric including the Service Bus, Caching, and Access Control.
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European BizTalk Convention - Service Bus with Message Broadcasting

This download contains the power point slides and code from the Azure Platform AppFabric session at the...
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    The RAW stack and filtering movies by genre

    One of the options on the movie list was a set of buttons with each movies genres. This list is nice to see what a movie is about but also rather useful to filter movies on. It turns out filtering documents on one or more tags in a collection of tags is rather easy to do using RavenDB .   Using RavenDB's LuceneQuery RavenDB uses Lucene for it's indexing capabilities making it very capable for querying. Originally we where using the standard RavenDB query capability but now we will switch...
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    Using Bootstrap with the RAW stack

    Using RavenDB , AngularJS and WebAPI gives us an awesome amount of capability when it comes to programming but it is also nice to create a good looking application. Now like a lot of other developers I am not a skilled graphical or UX designer so this is definitely somewhere I can use some help. Fortunately the Bootstrap CSS framework with its utilities is a great help. By just following a few basic rules it is perfectly possible to get a decent looking web application. And as Bootstrap includes...
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    Paging data using AngularJS and RavenDB in the RAW Stack

    So far loading and displaying some movies data has been pretty simple and straightforward. However something that was not immediately apparent was that not all movies in the database where shown. When opening the movies list there where just 128 movies visible and that was not all there was to show. In fact I have used the Rotten Tomatoes API to preload the database with more than 1000 movies and even though I never added a filter anywhere most of these didn't show up. So what is going on?  ...
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    Using dependency injection with WebAPI in the RAW stack

    In the previous blog post we added some unit tests that tested the WebAPI and also included the RavenDB storage behind it. As I explained the recommendation is not to use fakes or mocks but just to use the in memory variant of RavenDB during testing. However the WebAPI controller used a static RavenConfig.Store property to get to the RavenDB database. And that is the kind of hard coupling we would prefer not to have even if we don't need to create a fake for our tests.   Adding Ninject to...
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    Unit testing the WebAPI controller and RavenDB database in the RAW stack

    In the previous post we added unit tests for the AngularJS code running on the client. And while these tests are important there is more to test. After all the client side code depends on a server side WebAPI controller and a RavenDB database. In this post we are going to add unit tests for those two.   To inject or not to inject dependencies Normally when one class depends on another it is best to use dependency injection to get one to use another. And the dependency is then based around interfaces...
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